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Graduate Student Assembly Update

To new students, welcome; and to returning students, welcome back to Yale from the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA). GSA is an advocacy group for graduate students (both PhD and Masters) at Yale. We tackle issues such as getting more office space for humanities students, improving the efficacy of the Dissertation Progress Report (DPR), coordinating with security and transit to address graduate student needs, and working with the gym to improve facilities used by graduate students.

GSA administers the Conference Travel Fund (CTF), through which we give out $60,000 annually to graduate students to attend conferences to present their research across the country and the world. We have four cycles each year. Please check our website for more information. The next cycle closes November 1, 2011.

As a chartered entity within the Graduate School, we meet with the dean bi-weekly and with the provost and president annually to discuss graduate student concerns. In addition, we have general assembly meetings every other Wednesday evening at 7 pm in HGS. We often have guest speakers from throughout the University administration. Meeting announcements and minutes are posted on our website. The general assembly consists of representatives from all degree-granting programs in the Graduate School. If you are interested in being a representative for your department (both new and returning students are welcome and encouraged), please check our website or contact us for more information.

As chair this year, I hope to steer the GSA through another productive year, communicating graduate students' needs and concerns to the University administration. With that in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me with any of your ideas or concerns.

Andrea Stavoe

Doctoral candidate, Department of Cell Biology
Chair, Graduate Student Assembly