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New Students

Checklist for GSAS Students Entering 2014

The Graduate School provides this page for the new students who will be matriculating each fall. Click on the headings below for detailed information on tasks to do from now through the start of classes.

Degree-seeking New Students. Welcome to the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS). This page is for you as a new GSAS student entering a degree program this fall. Please click on the headings below for the checklist of important tasks to do, from now through the start of classes in late August. The detailed information and links here will help you make a smooth transition to life at Yale and in New Haven.

Non-degree-seeking Students (DSRs). Are you coming to Yale Graduate School in 2014-15 in the non-degree Division of Special Registration (DSR) — as a special or exchange student, or Visiting Assistant in Research (VAR)? You will receive a differentlist of pre-arrival tasks to accomplish in an email after admission. Please note, non-degree students are not eligible for on-campus Yale Graduate Housing in dorms or apartments, but may apply for Yale-owned apartments privately managed by Elm Campus or may use the Off Campus Housing information service to search for housing, sublets and shares. Yale has no short term or visitor housing.

International Students. Please read and take actions as described on this page. You also should see the extensive information for new students and families provided by the Office of International Students and Scholars. Contact OISS with your questions about immigration documents or international questions.

Questions? Email the Office of Graduate Student Life at the McDougal Center, or call 203-432-BLUE (203-432-2583) with any new student or transition questions or concerns.

Required Actions

1. Complete requirements to get a new Yale ID card.  by May 31

ACTION: By May 31, upload a photo for your Yale ID card on the ID Card Photo Upload web page. Log in with your Yale NetID, which you received in the admissions process along with instructions for activating it.

WHEN DO YOU GET YOUR YALE ID? At GSAS Orientation in mid-August at HGS, but only if you uploaded your photo by May 31, and have met the pre-enrollment requirements (see below). Yale IDs are not issued before Orientation. Temporary IDs are not issued.

•   Meet the pre-enrollment requirements. To get your Yale ID card at Orientation, you must meet the pre-enrollment requirements for transcripts, health forms, and I-9 documentation (see Items 2, 5 and 6 below)

!!  If you should have a Yale ID from an earlier time, you will have to renew it in person at the ID Center after you have checked in during Orientation. (You will only have a Yale ID if you were previously enrolled as a Yale undergraduate or as a graduate student in another Yale graduate program.)


Spouse/Partner Yale ID. You can apply for a Yale ID card for your legally married spouse or civil-union partner at the ID Center after the end of Fall Term course registration (mid-September). See grad student spouse/partner resources for more information.

2. Submit forms for your health history and vaccination record.  by Jun 20

ACTION: Submit forms required to meet state and Yale Health pre-enrollment regulations.

•   Submit “Vaccination Record” and “Health Form and Physical Exam” forms to Yale Health. Download the required forms from the Yale Health New Graduate and Professional Student Forms page. Note that these forms must be completed and signed by both you and your physician/health care provider.

!!  NOTE: You are financially responsible for all pre-enrollment vaccinations, health examinations and blood tests as these are NOT covered under your Yale Health GSAS student coverage, which begins August 15.

BY JUNE 20, BEFORE YOU ARRIVE ON CAMPUS: SUBMIT THESE FORMS TO YALE HEALTH. Connecticut State law requires all students admitted to any university in Connecticut must comply with state immunization regulations. Therefore, you must submit your vaccination record as a Yale University pre-enrollment requirement.

IF YOUR FORMS ARE LATE, INCOMPLETE OR NOT SUBMITTED? IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT THE REQUIRED HEALTH FORMS BY JUNE 20, your check-in at GSAS orientation will be incomplete and you will be placed on “registration hold”: You will not receive your Yale ID, you will not be able to register, and you will NOT be permitted to enroll in classes UNTIL THE REQUIRED FORMS AND VACCINATION RECORD HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED AND REVIEWED FOR COMPLIANCE.

•   Where you can get required immunizations and tests in the New Haven area. If you are unable to get the required shots or tests prior to arriving in New Haven, see the list of off-campus vaccination locations. Any immunizations or tests to meet pre-entrance requirements are not covered by Yale Health and are your financial responsibility.

More info or questions, including questions about late form submission? Email Yale Health at immunization@yale.edu.

3. Learn about the Yale eBill-ePay system and student accounts.  by Jul 1

ACTION: Learn to use the Yale eBill-ePay online billing and payment system.

•   eBill and ePay System Online. Read the new student memo from Yale Student Financial Services (SFS). Yale uses the online eBill-ePay system to post student account bills with any university charges and fellowship credits and to process your online payments. On eBill-EPay, Yale SFS prepares and posts student eBill account statements monthly during the first week of each month. Payment is due in full by 4:00 pm Eastern time on the first business day of the following month, using ePay as the preferred payment method.


In Brief: How to Use eBill-ePay (EB-EP)

On EB-EP, Yale SFS posts an updated statement of your student account for you to view during the first week of every month. Payment of the balance (if any) is due in full by 4:00 pm Eastern time on the first business day of the following month.

•   Receive SFS email notices monthly. At the beginning of each month, watch your Yale email for a monthly notice from SFS saying that your updated student account statement is ready for review.

•   Log in to your SFS account anytime. Using your Yale NetID, you can log in to eBill-ePay anytime to see your online student account bill and use EB-EP to pay any balance due monthly.

•   Settle any SFS Bills on time. Check your account and your Yale email regularly. Pay SFS balances on time to avoid possible late charges.

•   Set up an on-campus Student Charge Account (optional). Read SFS Instructions to request on-campus charging privileges for your account.

More info or questions? For detailed student accounts information, see the Student Financial Services website. Contact SFS directly with specific questions at 203-432-2700 or by email.

See the Graduate School Financial Aid Office web page for more information; email GSAS Financial Aid or call 203-432-2739.

4. Read the Graduate School Financial Aid FAQ.  by Jul 1

ACTION: Review the Graduate School Financial Aid Office FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for details on stipends, fellowships, payroll deduction, taxes and more.

More info or questions? See the Graduate School Financial Aid Office web page for more information; email GSAS Financial Aid or call 203-432-2739.

5. Send your transcripts to the Graduate School.  by Jul 15

ACTION: You must provide an official transcript documenting your receipt of a bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) or its foreign equivalent. You must also provide any other transcripts documenting the award of other degrees (e.g., M.A., M.S., Ph.D.) and coursework completed that were cited in your application for admission.

•   Official Transcripts. Whether or not you uploaded a transcript to your application at the time of submission of your application, you must have official transcripts sent directly to the Graduate School from the issuing institution(s). If your transcripts and degree certifications were issued in languages other than English, you must submit certified, literal and complete English translations of those documents.

All transcripts must be submitted by July 15 to the following mailing address:

Graduate School Office of Admissions
Yale University
P.O. Box 208323
New Haven, CT 06520-8323

•   Certified Electronic Transcripts. If your institution issues certified/ authenticated electronic transcripts, they should be sent by July 15 to graduateschool.transcripts@yale.edu. Do NOT use this email address for traditional paper-based transcripts or any other form of your transcript.

•   Questions? Delayed Transcripts? If you anticipate delays in providing these materials or have questions regarding this process, contact the Graduate School Admissions Office prior to July 15, using only the word “Transcript” in the subject line of your email.

6. Bring documents to complete Federal Form I-9 at Orientation.  on Aug 18

ACTION: At GSAS Check-in, bring with you original, unexpired documents as listed — either one document from List A – OR – one document each from Lists B and C.

•   International students selecting from List A should bring Form I-94, I-20 or DS-2019 along with the passport.

•   WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? You must bring these forms to Check-in at GSAS Orientation. If you do not, your check-in at orientation will be incomplete. You will not receive your Yale ID, and you will not be able to register for classes until this is complete.

7. Learn about your Yale Health coverage.  ON AUG 15: COVERAGE BEGINS;

ACTION:  Learn about health care coverage options offered by Yale Health and choose from the coverage options outlined below.

•   Read the Yale Health Student Guide and the Yale Health Student Handbook for a complete description of the coverage and options. Download the documents from the Yale Health page “Understand Your Coverage.”

•   Read the Yale Health Student FAQs found on this Yale Health page to learn more about your coverage.

•   Learn about coverage and options at GSAS Orientation. Informational tours and sessions will be scheduled at Orientation.

Yale Health Student Coverage. The following information is a condensed version of information provided on the Yale Health “Understand Your Coverage” page.

•   Basic Coverage. This is provided to you free of charge if you are enrolled at least half-time in M.A., M.S., and Ph.D. programs.   a registered student, you are automatically enrolled in Yale Health Basic Coverage and do not need to take further action for individual coverage. With Basic Coverage, you are covered free of charge for the following services, even if you have waived Yale Health coverage: Acute Care, Gynecology, Health Education programs, Inpatient Care, Laboratory Services, Mental Health and Counseling, Nutrition Counseling, Student Health.

•   Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage. As a student, you also are automatically enrolled in and billed for Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage, unless you elect to waive this coverage by September 15 (see box below, By 9/15: Coverage Waiver Deadline). Prescription coverage is included in Hospitalization/Specialty coverage.

•   Health Award for PhD students, Spouse/Partners and Dependent Children. Eligible PhD students also receive a health award funded by the Graduate School, which covers the full cost of single-student Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage, half the cost of the two-person full coverage fee for a spouse/civil union partner, and the full cost for family coverage that includes dependent children up to age 26. The award comes in the form of a credit on your student account bill.

on 8/15:  YALE HEALTH NEW STUDENT COVERAGE is in effect. All Yale Health coverage, whether automatic or elected, begins for new GSAS students the weekend before Orientation, on August 15.

by 9/15:  coverage WAIVER DEADLINE. If you should elect to waive any components of student coverage assigned to you automatically, you must do so by September 15, this year and every year, using the Student Waiver Request Form.

By 9/15:  ENROLLMENT deadline for SPOUSE/ PARTNER AND/OR DEPENDENTS coverage. If you wish to enroll an eligible spouse/civil union partner and/or dependent children in Yale Health, you must do so by September 15, this year and every year, using the forms on this page: New Graduate and Professional Student Forms.

More info or questions? For details on GSAS Health Award for PhD Students see “Financing Graduate School”. You can email the Graduate School Office of Financial Aid with questions on the Health Award.

•   Coverage for Spouse, Civil Union Partner, and/or Dependent Children. To enroll a lawfully married spouse or civil union partner or a legally dependent child under the age of twenty-six in Yale Health coverage, you must complete the form(s) required for their enrollment by September 15 each year. If you are an eligible PhD student, the GSAS Health Award applies (see above under “Health Award”). For enrolled family members, coverage begins August 15, or if you submit forms between August 16 and September 15, it starts when the enrollment form is processed by Yale Health.


You may also enroll spouses/partners and dependent children for Dental and Eye Care coverage) by September 15, as described below.

More info or questions?

Visit the Yale Health page Students Always Ask Us FAQ for answers to your questions about health care coverage and options, or contact Yale Health Member Services. Direct your questions specifically regarding the Health Award to the Graduate School’s Office of Financial Aid.

Request a Yale Health Card. As a registered student, you do NOT need a member card to access services at the Yale Health Center on campus. Request a Yale Health member card using this form, as a card is useful when traveling out-of-state to access worldwide emergency coverage though Yale Health.

8. Optional Dental and Eye Care coverage from outside providers.  BY SEP 15

ACTION: Review and enroll in optional plans as desired. Coverage for dental care and for eye care is available to graduate and professional students and their family members through outside (non-Yale Health) providers. See Graduate and Professional Dental and Eye Care Coverage for plan information and fees. The page will reflect updated information for 2014-15 plan details and enrollment by this summer. NOTE: These optional plans are NOT covered by the GS Health Awards.

By 9/15: ENROLLMENT DEADLINE for DENTAL and Eye Care coverage. You may choose to enroll yourself, an eligible spouse/civil union partner, and/or dependent children for optional, non-Yale Health dental or eye care coverage, or both, you must do so by September 15, this year and every year. Enroll using one or more forms on this page: Dental and Eye Care Programs.


General Preparations

Travel Planning

•   Planning When to Arrive. Most new graduate students arrive and secure housing between August 1 and 15. Plan to be settled in New Haven by the weekend of August 15-17. Required 2014 Graduate School Orientation begins Monday, August 18.

•   Getting to New Haven. Find directions for air and ground travel at to.yale.edu.

•   Yale GSAS Academic Calendar. The Academic Calendar is the official document for planning term breaks and return travel.

Guides to Living in New Haven

•   Living in New Haven. For your transition to life at Yale and living in New Haven.

•   Family Life. Helpful information, if you are a student with a spouse, domestic partner, and/or dependent children, check the information and links to resources.

•   InfoNewHaven. Guide to events, dining, shopping and living in the Elm City, focused on downtown and neighborhoods around Yale.

•   The Compass. Guide to Yale and New Haven for graduate students written by the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), your graduate school student government. (Available as a PDF download from the web page.)

GSAS Social Media

•   2014 Group for New GSAS Students on Facebook. Meet fellow students and potential housemates.

•   Yale Grad Partners Group on Facebook. For spouses, partners and significant others of Yale Graduate and Professional students.

•   Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences on Facebook. Stay connected and keep current on GSAS events and news.


•   Transportation Options. Visit to.yale.edu to learn about the varied Yale and New Haven area transportation options — walk, bike, transit, car, parking, airports, etc.

•   Yale Shuttle. Yale runs its own bus and van transportation system to provide convenient, safe transportation around its campuses and selected neighborhoods in New Haven.

•   Yale Transloc. Free Yale Shuttle GPS real-time locator. Shows location of the shuttles day and night. Download the mobile app.

•   Zipcar. Yale and New Haven’s car-sharing service. Apply for a Zipcard membership and get your Zipcard.

Motor Vehicles

•   Obtaining a Driver’s License. Review Connecticut state requirements for obtaining a driver’s license. Once you have established residency in Connecticut, you have 30 days to transfer your out-of-state license. See the requirements for U.S. citizens or non-U.S. citizens.

•   Keeping a Motor Vehicle in New Haven. Review Connecticut state requirements for the registration of motor vehicles if you are bringing a car or a motorcycle to New Haven. Among the requirements: You must register the vehicle within 60 days of your arrival.

•   Car Tax. The New Haven Tax Collector web page explains New Haven’s city property tax on all vehicles maintained in the city regardless of the state in which the car is registered). Pay your car tax on time annually or risk fines, or getting booted or towed.

—  Out-of-state Registered Cars. If needed, file the “Personal Property Declaration for Motor Vehicles with Out-of-Town or Out-of-State Registration.”

•   Residential Parking Permit. If you live off-campus and park your car on the street, for certain neighborhoods, you must obtain a parking permit issued by the city.

•   Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Register your hybrid/AFV and obtain a sticker permitting free metered parking downtown.


•   Yale Public Safety Information and Programs. Review safety information before selecting a place to live and/or before arriving in New Haven.

•   Property Insurance. Whether you live on- or off-campus, the University urges you to obtain property insurance to protect your bike, electronics and valuables against the unlikely occurrence of loss of or damage. The Yale-affiliated plan (new info coming summer 2014) is affordable and convenient, but you can choose your insurance.

Academic Services

•   Student Computing. Review information about facilities and support, including instructions for setting up your devices to connect to Yale networks, and instructions for downloading Yale software.

•   Library Information and Services. Review information about resources and support, including lending policies, lists of digital resources, and find your personal librarian by discipline.

•   Resource Office on Disabilities. Contact this office to discuss any accommodations or services you may require.

University Financial Services

•   First GSAS stipend payment September 15. Plan to bring funds or have resources to pay for your initial costs before you get your stipend check.

•   Yale Charge Account. Sign up for this student charge account good for certain on-campus purchases and at the Yale Bookstore. Log in at Student Information Systems, then consecutively select the Student Accounts tab and Charge Account Authorization.

Food and Dining

•   Eating on Campus. Purchase a grad meal plan or “Eli Bucks” (points) from Yale Dining Services.

•   Food Shopping. See where to buy fresh food at grocery, specialty and farmer’s market.


To-do List — Month by Month


•   Housing options. Apply for on-campus housing starting April 1; apply for Yale-owned off-campus housing leased by Elm Campus; or begin to look for off-campus housing.

•   Review transportation options. When planning where to live, review Yale and non-Yale transportation options. If you can, find a place on the free Yale daytime Shuttle line and within the service boundaries of the nighttime Yale safe-ride Shuttle. (NOTE: The Shuttle does NOT go everywhere in the city.)


•   NetID. Receive Network Identification (NetID) and Student Identification (SID) numbers.

—  Receive instructions and PIN number for activating Yale email account. Begin to check this account regularly for official notices. Email Graduate Admissions with NetID as its subject if you have not received the NetID, SID orPIN by May 15.

•   Upload photo for Yale ID card. By May 31. (See ‘Required Actions’ under Section 1 above.)


•   Plan arrival. Plan flights and arrival, and international travel to arrive in time for the required Graduate School Orientation in mid-August. Review information about shipping of personal items to yourself.

•   Return forms to Yale Health. By June 20. (See “Health Coverage Forms” under ‘Required Actions’ in Section 2 above.)

•   Check your Yale email regularly. Activate, regularly read, and use your Yale email account (your address should be firstname.lastname@yale.edu) for ongoing official communications from/to Yale offices.


•   Your Student Account. You may receive email notice of a new Yale account statement from Student Financial Services. Early July. If you have a balance due, make arrangements for payment. (See ‘Required Actions’ Section 4 above.)

•   Student parking. Request and pay for on-campus student parking if needed.


•   Obtain your Yale ID. Bring a copy of your letter of admission to obtain access to Yale services in advance of receiving an ID card at Orientation.

•   Bookmark Yale Shuttle info. Bookmark the real-time Yale shuttle bus locator on your computer or cell phone.

•   Review course information. Yale has NO course pre-registration. You can NOT register for graduate courses until Friday August 21, and then you have 2 weeks to complete online course registration. There is no rush to enroll in classes, so wait to talk to your faculty and department for course advice.

•   Update your information in the Student Information System (SIS). Update the ‘Personal Data’ tab with your New Haven address and telephone number.

•   If you have been awarded a tuition fellowship and it does not appear on the Fall Term bill that in your online SIS account administered by SFAS, contact your departmental registrar.