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After Yale: Jobs and Post-doctoral Fellowships

Here’s what some of the Graduate School’s graduating students will be doing next year. If you’ve landed a position or research fellowship but aren’t on the list, send your good news to Gila Reinstein. Congratulations to all!

Omolade Adunbi (Anthropology), assistant professor, University of Michigan

Ates Altinordu (Sociology), assistant professor, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

Reena Badiani (Economics), postdoctoral fellow, World Bank, 2010–2011; then assistant professor, Duke University

Lindsey Beck (Psychology), postdoctoral fellow, University of Massachusetts

Andrew Bellemer (Neuroscience), postdoctoral fellow, Duke University

Dorottya Blaho (MB&B), assistant director of the Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical, and Engineering Sciences, Yale

Gwen Bradford (Philosophy), assistant professor, Rice University

Gabriel Brammer (Astronomy), postdoctoral fellow, European Southern Observatory, Santiago, Chile

Joshua Ezra Burns (Religious Studies), assistant professor, Marquette University

Matthew Cabeen (MCDB), postdoctoral fellow, Harvard University

Thomas Chia (Biomedical Engineering), UC Berkeley Law School

Christopher Conlon (Economics), assistant professor, Columbia University

Michael Coggins (Cellular and Molecular Physiology), research analyst, Campbell Alliance, New York

Adrian de la Garza (Economics), research analyst, Bank of Mexico, Mexico City

Jiang Du (Computer Science), associate at J. P. Morgan

Fabian Duarte (Economics), economist, Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, California

Catherine Dunlop (History), assistant professor, Montana State University

Juan Eberhard (Economics), assistant professor, University of Southern California, Marshall Business School

Victor Fan (Film Studies), assistant professor, McGill University

Farach Francisco (Psychology), postdoctoral fellow, University of Washington

Jia-chen Fu (History), postdoctoral fellow, UC Berkeley

Atsuyuki Fujinuma (International Relations), second secretary of political affairs, Embassy of Japan, Washington, DC

Ryan Garcia (Political Science), assistant professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Anna Gawboy (Music), assistant professor, Ohio State University School of Music

Colin Gillis (English), lecturer, University of Wisconsin

Kathryn Gin (History), assistant professor, Princeton University

Nicholas Goodbody (Spanish & Portuguese), visiting assistant professor, Williams College

Robert Gorey (East Asian Languages & Literatures), postdoctoral fellow, Harvard

Katherine Gordon (Chemistry), research technician, Broad Institute, Boston

Sarah Haley (African American Studies), postdoctoral fellow, Princeton University, 2010-11, then assistant professor, UCLA

David Harburger (Pharmacology), patent agent, Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati law firm

Ben Herzog (Sociology), postdoctoral fellow, Yale

Faith Hillis (History), assistant professor, University of Chicago

Julia Irwin (HSHM), assistant professor, University of South Florida

Turkuler Isiksel (Political Science), postdoctoral fellow, European University Institute, Italy, 2010-11; then assistant professor, Columbia University

Robert Johnston (European and Russian Studies), advisor, International Operations Division, U.S. Army, Germany

Jessica Lam (Chemistry), D. Phil., physical and theoretical chemistry at Oxford University

Maria Lebedeva (Genetics), fellow, Veterans Administration New England Healthcare Network

Kyong-Jin Lee (Religious Studies), assistant professor, Spring Arbor University, Michigan

James Lipchock (Chemistry), postdoctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Hugh Lippincott (Physics), postdoctoral fellow, Fermilab

Jennifer Mack (Linguistics), postdoctoral fellow, University of Massachusetts

April Merleaux (American Studies) assistant professor, Florida International University

Abhiroop Mukherjee (Economics), assistant professor, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

John Muse, (English) assistant professor of English at the University of Chicago

Ethan Neil (Physics), postdoctoral fellow, Fermilab

Aaron O’Connell (History), assistant professor, U. S. Naval Academy

Julie Faith Parker (Religious Studies), visiting assistant professor, Colby College

Miriam Posner (American Studies), postdoctoral fellow, Emory University

K. Stephen Prince (History), assistant professor, University of South Florida

Felix Racine (History), postdoctoral fellow, St. Andrew’s University, Scotland

Patrick Redding (English), assistant professor, Manhattanville College

John Polidoro (Engineering & Applied Science), principal, engineering consulting firm

Erich Round (Linguistics), postdoctoral fellow, Yale

Stephanie Scarmo (EPH), postdoctoral fellow, NYU Medical Center

Sebastian Schnettler (Sociology), postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Institute, Germany

Jenni Sorkin (History of Art), postdoctoral fellow, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

Melissa Stuckey (History), assistant professor, University of Oregon

Qian Sun (Electrical Engineering), researcher for Bridgelux, Livermore, California

Jonathan Super (International Relations), U. S. Army officer

Kristina Talbert-Slagle (EPH), postdoctoral fellow, Global Health, Yale

Myra Taylor-Jones (American Studies) assistant professor, faculty fellow, NYU Silver School of Social Work

Angelica Torres (Psychology), postdoctoral associate, Yale

Jennifer Van Vleck (History), assistant professor, Yale

Richard Van Weelden (Economics), postdoctoral fellow, EUI, 2010-11; then assistant professor, University of Chicago

Farzin Vejdani (History), assistant professor, University of Arizona

R. Owen Williams (History), President, Transylvania University, Lexington KY

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