Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Office for Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Applying to Yale

The Graduate School recognizes that the decision to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree is a significant and personal one influenced by many factors. The purpose of ODEO’s recruiting efforts is not simply to encourage potential applicants to go to graduate school, but to ensure that as many underrepresented students as possible have considered whether graduate education is a suitable option for them. The office is committed to providing underrepresented students who wish to attend Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with the information and mentoring to advance a competitive application for admission and to succeed in the program of study that they have chosen.

Consultations, Campus Visits and Seminars

Applicants from underrepresented populations are extended an open invitation to contact ODEO year-round via email to the ODEO director, Michelle Nearon, or by calling 203-436-1301 to arrange an appointment with the ODEO director to discuss any questions or concerns that they might have regarding graduate study in general or particular aspects of the application process. Applicants who wish to visit Yale can arrange through ODEO meetings with the ODEO director, faculty and current graduate students. Please refer to ODEO’s application tips for some general guidance regarding the process.

ODEO on the Road

ODEO engages in substantial outreach efforts to identify and encounter talented students from underrepresented populations. The office cultivates sustained relationships with colleges and universities that are committed to preparing underrepresented students to assume the challenges of graduate education. To this end, representatives from the Graduate School regularly visit individual institutions across the United States and Puerto Rico. ODEO also maintains a consistent presence at fairs and conferences that convene a significant audience of diverse students, including the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS), California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, Ronald McNair Research Scholars Conference, and Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS). Please contact ODEO via email to Michelle Nearon or by calling 203-436-1301 to request a visit to your undergraduate institution or suggest an event that our office should attend.

Networks and Consortia

The Graduate School participates in a number of nationally recognized networks for connecting underrepresented students to graduate programs and helping them identify career paths in research within the academic, public and private sectors. Yale is an original member of the Leadership Alliance and an annual participant in its summer research program for prospective graduate students. ODEO sends a representative each year to a recruiting fair sponsored by the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers, which provides underrepresented students with an immersion experience in graduate-style seminars, intensive training in languages and standardized test-taking, and guidance concerning the process of selecting and applying to graduate programs. ODEO also receives information regarding prospective students from the National Name Exchange, which seeks to match underrepresented students with offices like ODEO that can provide them with access to information and people that might otherwise seem out of reach within large research universities.