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Graduate Career Services

Academic Job Search

Graduate Career Services has created a number of handouts and online documents that provide guidance regarding job searches. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with Victoria Blodgett to review your search strategy and materials. Handouts are located outside HGS 122.

All documents listed below are downloadable pdf files unless otherwise noted.

Academic Job Search Guide
Postdoctoral Fellowships (Sciences)

Academic Job Search Series

Cover Letter
Teaching Portfolio I
Teaching Portfolio II
Interview Questions

Job Market Tips

Political Science
Getting the Materials Right (Sciences)
Proper Dress for Job Interviews

Sample Cover Letters

Engineering (Interdisciplinary)
Mathematics (Liberal Arts College)

Sample CVs


Teaching Statements

Teaching Philosophy
Course and Syllabus Design
Teaching Statements
      and the Interview Class (Sciences)

Research Statements

Research Statements
      and Chalk Talks (Sciences)

Negotiating the Academic Job Offer

Humanities and Social Sciences
Sciences (PowerPoint file)