Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Financial Assistance

All applicants to Yale University Ph.D. programs are automatically considered for financial assistance and are not required to submit the Yale Applicant’s Financial Statement.

Most students in terminal master’s programs and in the Division of Special Registration are self-supported. Applicants to these programs must submit the Yale Applicant’s Financial Statement whether or not they are requesting financial aid. Applicants submitting the Financial Statement should complete all sections of the form. Additional information or explanations may be attached on separate sheets with the applicant’s name and prospective Department or Program clearly identified.

For reasons of confidentiality information provided on your Financial Statement is not shared (it is “masked”) with the faculty reviewing your application nor will you see it after you submit your application.

International applicants who do not apply for financial aid may need to provide official documentation of financial resources in order to obtain entry visa documents.

Information about loan application procedures and the accompanying request form for loan materials are sent to students following offers of admissions. Applicants should not initiate a loan application or submit loan-related documentation until after they have been admitted, and then only if the amount of financial assistance awarded at the time of admission, along with other personal resources, is insufficient to support tuition and living costs. However, if you are applying to other schools which require applicants to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to admission, you may include the Yale Graduate School as a designated recipient of the results of that analysis. The Graduate School’s Title IV Code is 001426.

Detailed information about the wide range of financial assistance possibilities such as Yale University fellowships, traineeships, and research assistantships is available at the Graduate School Financial Aid site.