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Common Questions / Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and the answers to them have been organized under the topics at right. Use these links to display the topics in the space below. Please review the questions and answers carefully before contacting our office.

Please note: The university’s ten professional schools (Art, Architecture, Divinity, Drama, Forestry, Law, Management, Medicine, Music and Nursing) have separate admissions policies and application processes which are outlined within the academic programs/schools web pages and publications of those schools.

Incoming Student Questions

I am an incoming student and have questions about housing, health insurance, etc. What do I do?

All students who have accepted Yale's offer of admission will receive an e-mail in early May that includes information regarding the processes for obtaining a student ID card and health insurance, preparations for starting at Yale and New Student Orientation, among other things. The materials are included in the new student checklist available on this website. In the meantime, please visit the Graduate School’s resources regarding Living in New Haven or contact Student Life at the McDougal Graduate Student Center by email or phone (203) 432-2583 with any questions or concerns.

Information regarding on-campus graduate housing (dorms and apartments) is available online, and applications may be submitted starting April 1. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as on-campus housing is limited and not guaranteed for incoming students. Yale-owned but privately managed apartments in University Properties also begin accepting rental application in spring, so apply early for these units as well. Other off-campus housing search resources are on the Living in New Haven website above.

I am an international incoming student and have a question about my visa. Who do I contact?

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) serves all international students. OISS will contact all international students who have accepted Yale’s offer of admission directly with necessary visa and immigration information.

When will I receive information about orientation and registration?

New student orientation information and checklist will be posted online starting in mid-April. You will receive an email when this information has been updated.

The Graduate School organizes a comprehensive New Student Orientation program in late August prior to the start of classes. New Students should arrive in time to take part in orientation information sessions, to handle any pre-registration matters, and to become familiar with Yale and New Haven. During orientation, New students will receive their Yale photo ID card and online course enrollment information, and a packet of information about Yale and New Haven. Orientation consists of information sessions, tours, the Matriculation Ceremony, social events, and fairs which students should plan to attend.

Yale has no pre-registration or pre-enrollment for courses prior to the beginning of classes. Students have two weeks at the beginning each term to select courses online, using their Net ID, which should be activated before arriving at Yale. Departments or degree programs will contact new students during the summer with general registration and program information. Departments also organize their own orientation sessions for their new students, usually just before the start of classes. Please consult the Graduate School academic calendar online.

What is my Net ID and how do I activate it?

Beginning in early April you will receive an email containing your Student ID (SID) number and your Net ID. Your Student ID (SID) number will be your primary identification number while at Yale. When activated your Net ID will allow you to access your new Yale e-mail account along with various systems and files. Once you have activated your Net ID it and your SID number will be required to submit your PASSPORT PHOTO for your ID Card. Please see the checklist and follow the link from there.

Instructions on how to activate your Net ID and your activation PIN # will be sent to you via e-mail in late April to early May.

What kinds of resources are available for incoming students?

There are many resources available for incoming students. Please visit the New Student pages on the Graduate School website, the McDougal Student Life pages for general student life and university programs and information. the Office of Student Life at the McDougal Center addresses questions and concerns from incoming students submitted by email or by phone at (203) 432-2583. Students with spouses, domestic partners and/or children should consult the GS Family Life pages for information, programs and resources.

How do I get to Yale and New Haven?

Please see the travel directions online.