Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Common Questions / Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and the answers to them have been organized under the topics at right. Use these links to display the topics in the space below. Please review the questions and answers carefully before contacting our office.

Please note: The university’s ten professional schools (Art, Architecture, Divinity, Drama, Forestry, Law, Management, Medicine, Music and Nursing) have separate admissions policies and application processes which are outlined within the academic programs/schools web pages and publications of those schools.

E-Mail Correspondence

I do not believe that I am receiving e-mail about my application. What should I do?

E-Mail generated as a result of your application to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences can originate from the following addresses:


If your e-mail client allows you to designate "safe senders" or a “whitelist,” please add those addresses to that list.

Additionally, if you use an e-mail filtering or e-mail content control software please note that we do not respond to requests for action on our part.

One of my recommenders indicates that they did not receive the e-mail requesting a letter of recommendation. What should I tell them?

Once you enter your recommenders information (including e-mail address) and save that page, an e-mail is automatically generated and sent to your recommender. It is very likely that your recommender is using e-mail blocking software that precludes the delivery of certain e-mail or places that e-mail in a box other then the "in-box". Your recommender needs to “allow” e-mail from support@hobsons.com.