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Common Questions / Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and the answers to them have been organized under the topics at right. Use these links to display the topics in the space below. Please review the questions and answers carefully before contacting our office.

Please note: The university’s ten professional schools (Art, Architecture, Divinity, Drama, Forestry, Law, Management, Medicine, Music and Nursing) have separate admissions policies and application processes which are outlined within the admissions Web pages and publications of those schools.

Decision Questions

How and when will I receive an official decision notification about my application for admission?

In most cases, official notification that a decision has been made is delivered by e-mail. For security, such e-mail does not contain the decision itself however. Decision information will be posted in the on-line application. Decisions are made and communicated during the months of February and March. Official decision notification is made by the Graduate School and not individual departments or programs. Only letters or e-mail sent directly from the Graduate School may be considered official notifications of admission and financial aid. The Office of Graduate Admissions cannot give decision results over the phone.

It is important that you keep both your e-mail address and mailing address current. Any changes necessary can be made from within your on-line application.

How long do I have to accept an offer of admission?

Responses to offers of admission are made from within your on-line application. An applicant is free to decline an offer of admission and financial aid from one institution and accept an offer from another on or before April 15. An acceptance given or left in force after April 15 commits the student not to accept another offer without first obtaining a written release from the institution to which a prior commitment has been made. These requirements are consistent with the Council of Graduate Schools Resolution Regarding Graduate Students, Fellows, Trainees and Assistants. www.cgsnet.org

I was offered admission. How do I respond to the offer?

Responses to offers of admission are made from within the on-line application. In order to respond however, you must have received your Offer Letter which is sent via first class mail.

I was offered admission and accepted (or declined) the offer, but now I have changed my mind. What do I do?

You must immediately contact the Office of Graduate Admissions by calling (203) 432-2771. Do not contact us via e-mail. You may also be asked to contact the Office of the Graduate School Deans as well as the program to which you applied. The Office of Graduate Admissions will instruct you how to proceed.

I was offered admission and accepted that offer and must now have Official Transcripts sent in; what address should they be sent to?

Your Official Transcripts (one for your primary institution showing the award of the baccalaureate degree and others for each additional institution listed in the Prior Study section of your application, must be sent to:

Office of Graduate Admissions

PO Box 20833

New Haven, CT 06520

If your institution issues Certified Authenticated (Electronic Transcripts) please provide them with the following e-mail address:


This e-mail address is intended for institutional use only. It is not intended to be used by you to send us a transcript.

Can I defer my offer of admission?

Requests for deferred admission will be considered only after an offer of admission has been accepted. A request for deferral must be submitted in writing to the appropriate associate dean who will communicate with the Graduate School’s official department or program. An admissions deferral may be requested for either one term or one academic year. Offers of financial aid cannot be deferred.

I was not offered admission and want to speak to someone about this. Who do I contact?

Programs make admission recommendations to the GSAS deans, who make the final decisions concerning admitted applicants. Decisions not to admit an applicant are almost always made at the program level. Therefore, you might try contacting the program to which you applied. Be advised, however, that the large number of applications received and the small number of places available often make for difficult decisions. Admissions committees adopt a comparative perspective toward all applications received and seldom keep extensive records concerning the decision in each case. Programs are not required to provide applicants explanations concerning admission decisions.

I was not offered admission and want to re-apply next year. Does the Office of Graduate Admissions retain my application and supplemental materials?

Previous applicants to the Graduate School and applicants who declined a previous offer of admission must submit a new application. Application record images of applicants who did not enroll in the Graduate School are retained by the Office of Graduate Admissions and will be combined with new application records. If you decide to re-apply you will need to submit a new application, including a new Statement of Purpose, Transcripts, Supplemental Materials, Letters of Recommendation and the application fee. This is true even though these may already be part of your prior year application. Applicant who have been denied admission three times by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, whether by one or more departments, may not file further applications.

I was offered admission but have a question about the financial package in my offer letter. Who do I contact?

You should first go to the Graduate School’s Financial Aid website. If your question is not answered, you may call their office at (203) 432-2739.

I was offered admission and want to learn more about student life at Yale. What resources are available?

The best resources are online. The McDougal Graduate Student Center is a center for Careers, Teaching and Student Life.

For information on student life services at Yale and in New Haven, such as housing, transit, healthcare, recreation, and more, see the Student gateway and the Living in New Haven website.

For questions not addressed by these online sources, contact Grad Student Life at the McDougal Center or call (203) 432-2583.

I was not offered admission and want my materials returned — is that possible?

We do not return application materials of applicants not offered admission.