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Common Questions / Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and the answers to them have been organized under the topics at right. Use these links to display the topics in the space below. Please review the questions and answers carefully before contacting our office.

Please note: The university’s ten professional schools (Art, Architecture, Divinity, Drama, Forestry, Law, Management, Medicine, Music and Nursing) have separate admissions policies and application processes which are outlined within the admissions Web pages and publications of those schools.

Credit Card Payment Questions

I entered my card information but it was declined, what should I do?

You may have entered a wrong expiration date or a wrong security code (found on the back of your credit card). Please proceed to “Step 1: Confirmation” within your online application and you will be redirected to the Credit Card Payment section, re-enter your credit card information and select “Process”. If your credit card was declined for a second time and you know that you entered the correct information, you may want to contact your bank or try another credit card.

I received an error code after I entered my credit card information,
what should I do?

If you received an error code, you most likely typed in the wrong credit card number. Click on your browser’s “Back” button twice to return to the Credit Card Payment Section and re-enter your credit card information.

What does CID mean?

CID stands for "Card Identification." This is a security code number which could be found on the back of your Credit Card next to your signature. It is usually a 3- or 4-digit number. This number is required to complete your credit card transaction.

I am at the Credit Card Payment section and I have decided that I want to pay and submit my application at a different time. How do I exit the system?

To exit the system you will need to click the “X” on the browser page. This will exit you out of the credit card payment section and your online application. If you want to go back to your application, you will need to log back into your online application.

I have been charged twice for my application fee, what should I do?

The credit card processisng system cannot "charge" your card twice. You may have been required to pay the fee again if your encountered an Internet connectivity issue during the payment approval process preventing your approved payment from being recorded in your online application. If this was the case and you needed to make payment again, and/or you see multiple charges on your credit card statement for the application fee to Yale University Graduate School or Arts and Sciences (“Yale University Grad Adm” on your the statement), or you suspect you have paid the application fee two or more times, please send us an email (using this link) and enter Duplicate Credit Card Charge after the " Reply Required - " prompt.”

In the body of the e-mail please provide your Applicant ID, the first two and last four digits of your credit card number and indicate the date you believe the charges were made. We will verify the charges and issue a refund immediately. Please do not submit a “chargeback” to your credit card provider as this will prevent us from issuing a refund for the duplicate payment and delay your use of those funds..

My Internet connection failed just as I received confirmation of my credit card charge. When I reentered my on-line application I am being asked to pay “again,” what should I do?

If you experience an Internet connectivity issue or some other interruption after you have submitted your credit card information and received approval, but before you submit your application, it means the credit card approval information did not get to your on-line application.

The easiest solution is for you to submit the payment information again and submit your application. At the same time please send us an email (using this link) and enter Duplicate Credit card Charge after the "Reply Required -" prompt. In the body of the e-mail please provide your Applicant ID and the first 2 and last 4 digits of your credit number and the date(s) the charges were made.

Once we verify the duplicate charge we will issue a credit and advise you by e-mail that we have done so. You should not initiate a "chargback" with your bank as this will only delay access to your funds.