Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


International Toolkit

  1. International Travel Orientations for Undergraduate Students and International Travel Orientations for Graduate and Professional Students. Each orientation consists of:
    • An online tool featuring guidance and links to resources on preparing for travel, protecting one’s health, and promoting safe travel practices, including a section on emergency planning. Users can browse the content sequentially or jump from one topic to another. In response to input Andrea received in meetings with many of you, the content and structure of the Undergrad and Grad/Professional Student orientations are similar, with the Grad/Professional Student version containing some additional coverage of regulatory matters specific to overseas research activity.
    • Links to online articles and stories about Yale student travel embedded throughout the orientations that help to illustrate why pre-travel preparation is so important.
    • A PowerPoint version of the orientation that can be downloaded and/or used in presentations.
    • An international travel checklist (PDF): a task-based list of steps to be taken 2 months, 2 weeks, and 1 week prior to travel, available to download.
  2. Orientation Checklist for Faculty, Staff and Postdocs. Formatted as a checklist of tasks to be completed prior to departure, this tool allows the user to access additional resources as needed by clicking on links to websites at Yale and beyond.
    • A printable PDF version is also posted for those who prefer a hard copy.
  3. Checklists for Leaders of Group Travel: Student Leaders and Faculty, Staff & Postdoc Leaders. Both checklists feature a series of tasks for the group leader, organized along a timeline (planning phase, conducting a pre-departure orientation, 2 weeks prior to travel, and after you arrive). Topics include major risk areas, organizational tips, and emergency planning, and most entries feature links to additional content on Yale websites and elsewhere.
    • Printable PDF versions are also posted for those who prefer hard copies.

A navigational menu on each orientation webpage makes it easy for users to move from one module to another and provides quick access to Yale’s Travel Registry and the newly redesigned FrontierMEDEX emergency card (another outcome of Andrea’s efforts). All of these orientations can be accessed from the International Toolkit’s new International Travel Orientations landing page.