Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences




How will I know if I am a reader to a student’s dissertation?

The student’s department will initially contact potential readers to request their participation in the evaluation of a given student’s dissertation.

How will I receive the dissertation?

The dissertation will either be provided directly by the student or will be sent to the reader’s mailing address as supplied by the department. If the dissertation is sent to a mailing address outside Yale campus address, it will be sent via FedEx.

How will I submit the Reader’s Report evaluation for a dissertation?

You will receive an email invitation from the Dissertation Submission Office with a web link to provide you access to the Online Reader’s Report (ORR) for the student whose dissertation you have agreed to evaluate.

Are any of the questions on the Reader’s Report optional?

Yes. Question 5 - Dissertation Reader’s Advice to candidate - is the only optional question on the form. All other questions must be answered before the reader’s report can be submitted.

Are there any limits to the length of my responses?

No. The reader’s report is expected to handle any and all comments you care to include. If you need to cut and paste text from another document, we ask you to place the excerpted text into notepad and then paste it into the Reader’s Report.

If I respond “no” to Question 1 (“Do you consider the substance of the dissertation acceptable for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy?”), should I answer the question which follows: “What is your estimate of the work as a whole?”

No, you should not provide any response estimating the quality of the dissertation as a whole. You will need to complete other questions on the report in order to submit it, but please do not provide any answer on your estimation of the work as a whole.

Can I append documents to the Reader’s Report?

No. Although there is no limit to the text which can be typed in response to the appropriate questions, this system does not permit appended documents of any type.

Can I save the Reader’s Report before I submit it?

Yes. You will find a save button near the bottom of the reader’s report and by clicking on this button, everything you have completed on the form will be saved. You may then return to the report and make any changes before the final submission. To return to a saved report you must use the link in the original email.

What happens when I submit the Online Reader’s Report (ORR)?

Upon submission of an Online Reader’s Report (ORR) you will be able to see at the top of the report, a notation stating: “Your reader report was successfully submitted.” In addition, you will also receive an email confirming the reader report submission. This email will include a link to the final report.

NB: Once your reader’s report has been submitted it may not be revised. The system will remind you of the finality of this step when you click the “submit” button.

What happens if I do not answer all the non-optional questions and I try to submit the Online Reader’s Report (ORR)?

If you have not responded to all the non-optional questions on the Online Reader’s Report (ORR), the report will not be submitted and the form will highlight in red all questions which require a response in order to successfully submit the report.

What if I receive an email for a student whom I have not agreed to evaluate?

Please email the Graduate School to inform us that you have received a report in error. The Dissertation Submission Office will discuss your concerns with the student’s department and you will be informed promptly of the resolution.

What if I agree to be a reader for multiple students?

Readers for multiple students will receive a separate email invitation notification for each student. You will be able to select among the multiple students in Online Reader’s Report (ORR) by using a drop down box located in the upper right section of the report.