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Directors of Graduate Studies / Department Proxy

How can I find the status of the set of readers for a given student’s dissertation?

Once you have accessed the website, click on the header “List NORs (Notification of Readers)” to see a list of your department’s students who are intending to submit their dissertation and have requested that a set of readers be approved by the DGS. The status of the student’s NOR list is displayed on the far right column.

Is there additional detail on these readers?

If you click directly on an individual student’s name, the following information will display: student’s name, email address and pertinent program information; the names of the DGS and dissertation advisor(s); the title of the dissertation and date of intended conferral of Ph.D. degree; for each reader – their full name, title, mailing address, email address, phone number, department and institutional affiliation. The form will also indicate if the reader is ladder faculty at Yale. Any special comments made by the preparer of the form or the DGS will be displayed.

How can I find the status of the Online Reader’s Reports (ORR) for my department’s students?

Once you have accessed the website, click on the header “View Reader Report Summary.” You will find the list of your students in alphabetical order. Students in a combined program will display the name of the other department beneath the student’s name. By moving your mouse over the name of the student, the title of the dissertation will display. The names of the readers for the student will display across the page and the current status of the reader’s report will be indicated.

How can I see the reader’s report from an individual reader?

If you click on the name of the individual reader, you will open the full reader’s report as submitted. No reports will display for a given reader until the reader has completed and submitted their report through the online process.