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Financial Assistance

The Yale Graduate School provides substantial financial assistance to most students enrolled in Ph.D. programs. Our policy, like that of other graduate schools of arts and sciences, is not to cover the entire cost of graduate education, nor do we have sufficient resources to do so. We believe it is appropriate that graduate students provide some portion of their support from personal savings or assets, family assistance, or various non-University sources, such as national fellowship programs or student loands.

To help students meet tuition and living costs, financial assistance is available in the form of Yale University Fellowships, teaching fellowships, traineeships, and research assistantships. The nature of the assistance varies among the divisions and departments. Yale University Fellowships are awarded at the time of admission and are based on both merit and need. The Graduate School normally provides a student through the fourth year of study a level of support comparable to the Yale University Fellowship awarded at admission; however, after the first year of study, this support will in most cases be derived from a combination of the types of financial assistance described below:

Applicants are strongly advised to apply for financial aid from the Graduate School unless they will have resources available, including personal resources, gifts, loans, and outside fellowships, sufficient to pay for tuition and maintenance for the duration of their educational program (normally 4-6 years for Ph.D. programs and 1-2 years for Master's programs).

National fellowships

Federal and non-federal student loans

How to apply for financial assistance

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