July 6-11, 1997, Plymouth State College in Plymouth, New Hampshire

February 28, 1997

Dear Colleagues:

The 1997 Gordon Research Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Laser Diagnostics in Combustion is scheduled for July 6-11, 1997 at Plymouth State College in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus and I very much appreciate the suggestions and responses we received regarding the program. A copy of the program is enclosed.

Now is the time to send in your application to the conference if you have not already done so. I have enclosed an application for those that didn't attend the 1995 conference. Otherwise, you should have received an application form directly from the GRC Office already. Please mail the Application Form to the Gordon Research Conference Office. You can also apply to the conference online at http://www.grc.uri.edu/appinstr.htm. Do not send payment with the form. As in past years, we anticipate that the conference will be oversubscribed (maximum attendance is 135), so it will be a good idea to apply well before the May 25 deadline. When your application is accepted, you will be sent a registration card. It is at this time that you are asked to send the registration fee (unless you are receiving support that covers this cost). Also, please note that the fee increases from $500 to $550 (double occupancy) if not submitted with the registration card before June 15.

There are a number of other enclosures intended to facilitate your application to and preparation for the conference. These are:

Poster Submission Reply Form (blue sheet) is to be used to submit a poster for presentation at the conference. Complete information concerning posters is contained on this form. Please FAX or mail with attached one-page Description (see blue sheet) by May 16 to Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus. Her address is on the blue sheet.

Travel Funding Request Form (yellow sheet) is to facilitate applying for funding if this is required for your participation in the conference. This form is not intended for speakers and discussion leaders (they got first shot at the support already!). Please submit with other requested information to Marshall Long (address on the yellow sheet). After you have been accepted, the Gordon Research Conference Office will send further information on travel discounts.

We anticipate a stimulating and exciting conference with many opportunities to discuss the critical issues in laser diagnostics. Please fill out and mail the appropriate forms soon. Also, please feel free to call, fax, or email me if I can be of service. I hope to see you this summer!

Marshall Long
Phone (203) 432-4229
FAX (203) 432-6775
email: mblong@cld3.eng.yale.edu
latest conference updates: http://www.yale.edu/gordon