1997 Gordon Research Conference on the

Physics and Chemistry of Laser Diagnostics in Combustion

July 6-11, 1997, Plymouth State College, Plymouth, New Hampshire


There is limited funding, so please request only what you really need. After the requirements of the program participants are met, preference will be given to researchers (professors, scientists, post docs, and graduate students) who can not attend without support and are submitting posters and/or are directly involved in work relating to the issues being presented at the conference.

I require reimbursement for the following travel and/or subsistence expenses in order to participate in the conference. Please put a check in the appropriate box:

/_/ Air travel expenses (economy coach) of $_________. The actual amount can not exceed ticket costs. We are required to file a copy of the ticket receipt to the Gordon Conference Office. If you do not yet know your cost in $$, then please make your best estimate.

/_/ Conference fee of $500 (double occupancy).

/_/ Bus transportation round trip from Boston Airport to conference, approximately $35.

Note: We are not allowed to fund rental-car expenses.
Name, address, and phone number (you may attach a business card here):



I feel that I can contribute to the conference in the following ways (graduate students - please also arrange for a letter of recommendation from your advisor to be sent or attached to this request):

Signed: _________________________________

Please return to:
Marshall B. Long
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Laser Diagnostics
Yale University
P.O. Box 208284 Yale Station
New Haven, CT 06520, USA

Tel (203) 432-4229
Fax (203) 432-6775
email: mblong@cld3.eng.yale.edu