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Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition

   Making Connections

This section is a series of document based investigations of African and Irish American history. The section introduces events and topics in the history and connects records in the archive to the subjects. Links to documents are included in answers to questions, after interviews and in search suggestions. Students can use this material for individual research or teachers can use it for classroom activities. To facilitate class discussion of topics, questions are included in three parts of the Acceptance material. The material in this section fosters a discussion of ideas about race and ethnicity. For further development of the discussion, there is a list of recommended readings.

Getting Started: Questions from the history
Acceptance: Three ways of thinking about the history
Voices: Modern Americans on acceptance in America
Access Routes:Contemporary books about race and ethnicity
Lesson Plan FormatA format for lesson plans, designed by the Prince William County, Virginia school district. (PDF File)
Living Our HistoryResources for Black History Month and Beyond (Word Document)