Negro House at Sierra Leone, from an 18th Century engraving
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Sierra Leone today Gullah region of coastal South Carolina and Georgia
West African coast in the vicinity of Sierra Leone, from a 19th century map Sierra Leone River in the vicinity of Bunce Island (upper right), from an 18th century map
Drawing of "Bense Island," 1726 Plan of "Bense Island," 1726
Drawing of Bunce Island, 1749

Credit: The National Archives (UK)
Drawing of "Bance Island," 1805
African house in Sierra Leone (18th century) West African women
(18th century)
African slave traders attacking a village African slave traders marching captives to the sea
European and African slave traders on the coast of West Africa Slaves in Sierra Leone, ca. 1803
Slave Ship, detail from drawing of Bunce Island, 1749 Diagram showing how African captives were imprisoned aboard a slave ship
Richard Oswald, the principal owner of Bunce Island from 1748-1784

Credit: Private Collection (UK)
Henry Laurens, the Charleston slave merchant who sold Priscilla

Credit: National Portrait Gallery
Portrait of Henry Laurens

Credit: Corcoran Gallery
Advertisement for slaves from the "Hare," South-Carolina Gazette, June 17, 1756

Elias Ball II, the planter who purchased Priscilla

Credit: Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts
Elias Ball's diary, June 30, 1756

Credit: South Carolina Historical Society

The Ball family's Comingtee Plantation in 1940, where Priscilla lived until her death in 1811. "The Old Plantation" painting, ca. 1790. Shows leisure activities of slaves in South Carolina during the lifetime of Priscilla

Credit: Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum, Colonial Williamsburg.
Gullahs laboring in a rice plantation (19th century) Gullah street vendor, Charleston, ca. 1900

Credit: Gibbs Art Gallery, Charleston
Edward Ball with Carolyn Smalls Goodson (1997)

Photo by William Struhs
Joseph Opala interviewing an African elder living near Bunce Island (1988)

Photo by Vera Viditz-Ward
Joseph Opala at Bunce Island (1988)

Photo by Vera Viditz-Ward
Ruins on Bunce Island

Photo by Vera Viditz-Ward
Gullah Homecoming party participating in a libation ceremony at Bunce Island, Sierra Leone (1989)

Photo by Maggie Steber
Gullah Homecoming group examining the ruins of the slave prison at Bunce Island (1989)

Photo by Maggie Steber
Thomas P. Martin, father of Thomalind Martin Polite Mrs. Thomalind Martin Polite and her daughter Faith.

Photo by Rick McKee/
Vernon House, Newport, Rhode Island Gravestone of William Vernon, Newport, Rhode Island
American Negotiators, Treaty of Paris (1783)

Credit: The Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library
Close-up of Henry Laurens and Benjamin Franklin from the painting by Benjamin West