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Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Gilder Lehrman Center International Conference at Yale University

Unshackled Spaces:
Fugitives from Slavery and Maroon Communities in the Americas

December 6-7, 2002
Henry R Luce Hall
Yale University
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, Connecticut


Marronage and Flight: An Overview

Saramaka Maroons on the Brazilian Frontier
Richard Price, College of William and Mary

Marronage and Flight: An Overview
Loren Schweninger, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Barbados and Brazil

Blacks and Indians: Common Cause and Confrontation in Colonial Brazil (with Document)
Stuart Schwartz, Yale University

The Fugitive Slave Act in Principle and Practice

Telling It Like It Was: The Evolution of an Underground Railroad Historic Site (with Document)
Jane Williamson, Rokeby Museum, Vermont

Why the U. S. Fugitive Slave Phenomenon Was Crucial
William Freehling, University of Kentucky