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A Canterbury Tale: A Document Package for
Connecticut's Prudence Crandall Affair

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Andrew T. Judson, "Argument of Andrew T. Judson, in the case of the State of Connecticut vs. PRUDENCE CRANDALL [excerpt]." Delivered before the Supreme Court of Errors of the State of Connecticut, July, 1834.

....It shall be my humble effort to maintain that the law in question is constitutional and the magnitude of the question will assure to me a patient hearing. Although this question may be one of vital importance to the town of Canterbury, yet that interest is by no means confined to that town. Should this law be prostrated, this corporation may be prostrated too — the people may be driven away from their homes, and then the evils will but just commence. It is a question in which every town in this State and every State in this Union have an equal interest. Let the decision be against this law — let those principles so ingeniously urged by my worthy opponent. be once established by the judiciary, the consequences will inevitably destroy the government itself, and this American nation — this nation of white men, may be taken from us, and given to the African race! In this question is involved the honor of the State — the dignity of its people — and the preservation of its name.