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A Canterbury Tale: A Document Package for
Connecticut's Prudence Crandall Affair

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"Four little children here you see..." (a song composed in support of Prudence Crandall), June, 1833.

Four little children here you see...

Four little children here you see
In modest dress appear.
Come listen to our song so sweet
And our complaints you'll hear.

'Tis here we came to learn to read
And write and cipher too.
But some in this enlightened land
Declare 'twill never do.

The morals of this favored town
Will be corrupted soon.
Therefore they strive with all their might
To drive us from our home.

Sometimes when we have walked the streets
Saluted we have been
By guns and drums and cow bells, too
And horns of polished tin.

With warnings, threats, and words severe
They visit us at times
And gladly would they send us off
To Africa's burning climes.

Our teacher too they put in jail
Fast held by bars and locks!
Did ere such persecution reign
Since Paul was in the stocks?

But we forgive, forgive the men
That persecute us so
May God in mercy save their souls
From everlasting woe!