Citizens All: African Americans in Connecticut 1700-1850
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History Is Good Detective Work
The project to me felt almost like a giant jigsaw puzzle... a jigsaw puzzle where you open the box and you don't have any of the pieces.
Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and AbolitionYale University

Curious about the past? All you have to do is look.

When she was a high-school student, Calista Cleary of Redding discovered a little-known part of her town's history when she began researching an abandoned graveyard by the side of a road. Her research led to intriguing facts about "Little Egypt," a community on the border of Redding and Easton where blacks and whites lived and were buried next to one another. She pieced together the story of this community by looking at census records, town deeds and other early documents. The experience--which she compares to assembling a jigsaw puzzle for which you first must find the pieces--taught her that history emerges "from places we couldn’t have imagined," and teaches us to ask new questions of the present.  next >>