Citizens All: African Americans in Connecticut 1700-1850
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Connecticut Stories
Enslaved Africans in the Colony of Connecticut
We have to develop a larger master narrative of American history that allows us to incorporate the tradegy and transcendence of the story of slavery - David Blight.
Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and AbolitionYale University

The lost landscape of Connecticut enslavement is all around us.

Amid the furniture, crockery and farm animals he left to his wife and family, David Bush of Greenwich bequeathed six human beings, enslaved people of color named Patience, Phillis, Cull, Candice, Mille, and Rose. The house where these people lived in bondage with the Bush family still stands, and it holds the memory and the story of these people. A prosperous family and its captives were part of the story of slavery in Connecticut, a story contained in the past but reaching, as memory always does, into the present.  next >>