Citizens All: African Americans in Connecticut 1700-1850
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Enslaved Africans in the Colony of Connecticut



  1. Digging Deeper: To learn more about the lives of enslaved and free blacks in colonial Connecticut, read historian Peter Hinks's article, "Enslaved Africans in the Colony of Connecticut" (download pdf).
  2. Thinking Like an Historian: Listen carefully to the video segment in the introduction to this module "Enslaved Africans in the Colony of Connecticut," with Professor David Blight. What questions do historians ask about slavery? How does the study of slavery in New England change the way historians think about Connecticut's past? Why is the study of local history important in understanding the past?
  3. Using Primary Documents: Advertisements from colonial newspapers giving notice of slave sales or runaways are a valuable source of information for historians. What sort of information can you discover about the daily lives of Connecticut slaves using the "Slave Sale Advertisements" and "Runaway Slave Advertisements" linked above? How did the individuals in the advertisements dress? What sort of work was required of them? For examples to get you started, see "Analyzing an Eighteenth-Century Runaway Slave Ad" (download pdf).