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Boston Evening Transcript

Great Meeting at Faneuil Hall

Citation Information:"Great Meeting at Faneuil Hall," Boston Evening Transcript, 12 August, 1834.


An immense multitude assembled at Faneuil Hall, in pursuance of an invitation from the Mayor, this day, at one o'clock, (although the notice was give but two hours previous,) to take measures relative to the riot at Charlestown. Hon. Theodore Lyman, Mayor of the city, presided, and Z Cook, Jr, Esq, was appointed Secretary. The resolutions were offered by Josaiah Quincy, Jr, Esq, who prefaced them with a few most eloquent remarks. After the resolutions were read, Hon. Harrison Gray Otis was called for, who rose, and with much feeling addressed the assembly with his usual brilliancy and elegance. On making an allusion to the good Bishop Cheverus, he was interrupted by loud and continued applause. There was an excellent feeling pervaded the vast multitude, and the resolutions were unanimously adopted, amid applause never before exceeded within the walls of Faneuil.

Resolved, That in the opinion of the citizens of Boston, the late attack on the Urseline Convent in Charlestown, occupied only by defenceless females, was a base and cowardly act, for which, the perpetrators deserve the contempt and detestation of the community.

Resolved, That the destruction of property and danger of life caused thereby, calls loudly on all good citizens to express individually and collectively the abhorrence they feel for this high-handed violation of the laws.

Resolved, That we, the protestant citizens of Boston, do pledge ourselves, collectively and individually, to unite with our Catholic brethren in protecting their persons, their property, and their civil and religious rights.

Resolved. That the Mayor and Alderman be requested to take all measures consistent with law, to carry the foregoing resolution into effect, and as citizens, we tender our personal services to support the laws under the direction of the city authorities.

Resolved. That the mayor be requested to nominate a committee from the citizens at large, to investigate the proceedings of the last night, and to adopt every suitable mode of bringing the authors and abettors of this outrage to justice.

The following Committee was nominated by the Mayor:

H.G. Otis, John D. Williams, James T. Austin, Henry Lee, James Clark, Cyrus Atger, John Henshaw, Francis J. Oliver, Mark Healy, Charles G. Loring, C. G. Greene, Isaac Harris, Thomas H. Perkins, John Rayner, Henry Gussett, Daniel D. Brodhead, Noah Brooks, H. F. Baker, Z Cook Jr., George Darracott, Samuel Hubbard, Henry Farnam, Benjamin F. Hallet, John K. Simpson, John cotton, Benjamin Rich, William Sturgis, Charles P. Curtis.

On motion of Mr. George Bond, the committee of twenty eight were requested to consider the expediency of providing funds to repair the damage done to the Convent. &c.

On motion of John C. Park Esq, it was

Resolved, That the Mayor be authorized and request to offer a very liberal reward to any individual who, in case of further excesses, will arrest and bring to punishment a leader in such outrages. THEODORE LYMAN Jr, Chairman. ZEBEDEE COOKE Jr, Secretary