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Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends

Minute...respecting affording assistance to fishermen

Citation Information:"Minute...respecting affording assistance to fishermen," Transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends during the Famine in Ireland. Dublin: Edmund Burke Publisher, 1852. (1996).

Appendix XVII

Minute in reference to communications from Sir John Burgoyne and Sir James Dombrain, respecting affording assistance to fishermen.

10th of Seventh-month, 1847

The secretaries report that some communication having taken place with Sir John F. Burgoyne and Sir James Dombrain, respecting the best means of affording assistance to the fisherman in redeeming their nets from pawn and repairing boats, &c. letters were addressed by Sir James Dombrain to several of the officers in charge of coast-guard stations. Replies from eleven of these have been forwarded to us by Sir James Dombrain, and are now before us; from which it appears that those officers anticipate that much benefit is likely to result from such assistance, and promise their best exertions to carry our views. Some of them approve of such aid being advanced by way of loan, and expect to be able to obtain repayment, whilst others look upon repayment as impracticable in the present state of the country.

Having considered the subject, it is agreed to place the sum of L250 at the disposal of Sir James Dombrain, to be by him allocated to the care of such of the coast-guard officers as he may consider most likely to carry out the object efficiently; at the same time informing him, that it is our deliberate conviction, that if the money be advanced to these fishermen under such regulations as may probably ensure its repayment, it is likely to be more useful than if given absolutely; and on this account we feel ourselves bound to require the parties to use their best exertion to obtain repayment, and to return the amount so repaid to us.