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Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends

Introduction (Transactions of the... of the Society of Friends...)

Citation Information:"Chapter V," Transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends during the Famine in Ireland. Dublin: Edmund Burke Publisher, 1852. (1996).

Richmond, Va., 12th of May, 1847.

This is a donation which a large number of the citizens of this state are happy to have it in their power to make to the destitute of your afflicted island. The contribution is from a people whose sympathies have been painfully awakened by the awful calamity which has befallen your country, who acknowledge the duty of giving aid, and feel that it is a privilege to bestow. In your countrymen they recognise friends and kindred, nor can they forget how warm and generous a heart is Ireland's, nor how much their own land is indebted to Irish enterprise and literature. Their humble prayer to God is, that your people all may be speedily restored to health, comfort, and cheerfulness.

The articles were selected with a careful reference to render more effectual the benign purpose of those who contributed the funds to purchase them. Corn meal was believed to be particularly appropriate. I shall be happy to hear that we have not erred in the selection.

Enclosed you will find invoice, from which you will perceive that the articles purchased cost 12,722 dollars; the residue are the specific contributions of sundry benevolent persons.

We have learned that you are a committee to distribute contributions which the benevolent place at your disposal, and that you carefully seek out the destitute, regarding funds so placed under your control as sacredly to be applied to relieve distress; treating all destitute sufferers, without any regard to religious distinctions, as alike to be cared for. It is as such, that the Christian and benevolent people whom I represent desire to make you their almoner.