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   Project Overview:

    In 2002, the Stratford Public Schools, located in the town of Stratford, Connecticut, was awarded an American History Grant from the U.S. Department of Education to fund the integration of American History into the district's middle school and high school curriculum.

    The premise of our grant program is that students will become more engaged in the study of our nationís past if they perceive history less as a list of facts and more as a dynamic experience with relevance for their own lives. When young people understand that both national and local history suggest debatable questions and connect with literature, art, and music, as examples, they will be open to the acquisition of skills and knowledge; in the process they will become better American citizens. The purpose of Teaching American History as a Dynamic Discipline, therefore, is to extend and enhance the teaching of Americaís past as a concept-based discipline.

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  About the Stratford School District:

    The mission of the Stratford Public Schools is to develop a community of learners in which ALL students acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to meet the challenges of a changing and increasingly diverse society. For more information about the Stratford Public Schools, visit our website at

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