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Civil Rights Movement Websites

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Dynamics of Idealism: Volunteers for Civil Rights, 1965–1982

Data and Program Library Service, Michael T. Aiken, N. J. Demereth III, Gerald Marwell, Sociology Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Provides documentation collected for a study of the attitudes, backgrounds, goals, and experiences of volunteers participating in a 1965 Southern Christian Leadership Conference voter registration effort.

Civil Rights Oral History Interviews: Spokane, Washington

Washington State University.
Produced as a part of a series of articles on black history titled “Through Spokane’s Eyes: Moments in Black History,” this site is a civil rights oral history project organized around the memories of men and women from Spokane, Washington.

The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship

American Memory, Library of Congress.
More than 240 items dealing with African-American history from collections of the Library of Congress, including books, government documents, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, plays, films, and recordings. The exhibition explores black America’s quest for political, social, and economic equality from slavery through the mid-20th century.

We Shall Overcome: Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement

National Park Service; Federal Highway Administration.
A “National Registry of Historic Places Travel Itinerary” covering 42 places of significance with regard to the postwar African-American civil rights movement. Churches, colleges, private homes, places of business, neighborhoods, and government offices, primarily located in the South, are each described in 300-word entries illustrated with one or two photographs.

Central High Crisis: Little Rock, 1957

Little Rock Newspapers, Inc.
A collection of newspaper articles and photographs from two Arkansas newspapers covering the crisis in the city of Little Rock.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project

Stanford University.
Features texts by and about Martin Luther King, Jr., compiled as part of an effort to “publish King’s most significant correspondence, sermons, speeches, published writings, and unpublished manuscripts.” The site contains approximately 400 digitized speeches, sermons, and other writings, mostly taken from the four volumes the Project has published to date, covering the period 1929–1958.

Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive

University of Southern Mississippi Libraries and Center for Oral History.
This website, created and maintained by the McCain Library and Archive of the University of Southern Mississippi, currently offers 150 oral histories relating to the civil rights movement, drawn from the University of Southern Mississippi Center for Oral History Collection. The site features interviews with civil rights leaders like Charles Cobb, Charles Evers, and Aaron Henry.

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