Africa Panel: Cori Ham, Felix Njovu, Richard Eba’a Atyi, and Rod Neumann   Cori Ham and Polycarp Musimami Mwima (Case Study Researchers for Africa Region)   Post-symposium dinner with Case Study Researchers and commentators  
Asia-Pacific Panel: Mohd Shahwahid, Connie McDermott, Israel Bewang, and Dwi Muhtaman   Yale staff Grace Bianciardi and Student Assistant Susan Mutambo handling Registration   Faculty Hosts Fred Gale and Ben Cashore  
Eastern European Panel: Ansis Actins, Maria Tysiachniouk, Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz, Errol Meidinger   Symposium Coordinator Elizabeth Gordon and Student Assistant Monika Kumar   Cross-Cutting Themes Panel: Michael Jenkins, Michael Richards, Gerardo Segura, Rebecca Butterfield, and Augusta Molnar  
Latin America Panel: Dietmar Stoian, Lincoln Quevedo, Peter May, Deanna Newsom and Michael Conroy   Russia Case Study Researcher, Maria Tysiachniouk   Welcome Reception: Laura Bozzi, Elizabeth Gordon, Eva Mueller, Susan Mutambo, and Patty Gonzales  
Post-symposium dinner with case study researchers and commentators   Richard Eba’a Atyi, Mimbimi Essono, and Dwi Muhtaman   Symposium Attendants at Opening Session