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Critically Needed New Research on Forest Certification:
A Side Event at the FSC General Assembly
Manaus, Brazil. December 6, 2005


Five representatives from the Yale Program on Forest Policy and Governance recently attended the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) tri-annual General Assembly held in Manaus Brazil, a city in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

In addition to hosting a booth with outreach materials, we organized an academic side event entitled “Critically needed new research on forest certification”. This side event provided an opportunity for researchers from around the world to present on the current status of research on forest certification. Presentations were followed by a group discussion aimed at identifying priorities for future research. The results of the workshop were then presented to FSC international and regional staff.

Speakers at the side event included Dr. Benjamin Cashore, Graeme Auld, and Marisa Camargo from the Yale Program on Forest Policy and Governance; Dr. Errol Meidinger, Professor of Law, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA; Tim Cadman, School of Government, University of Tasmania, Australia; Debora Drucker, Ecology Dept., INPA, Brazil; Paulo Amaral, IMAZON, Brazil; Dr. Dominic Bray, Forestry Research Institute of Ghana; Pham Hoai Duc, Vietnam Forest Science and Technology Association. The event was facilitated by Dr. Michael E. Conroy, Technical Advisor and member of the FSC International Board and Senior Researcher and Lecturer at Yale FES, and Dr. Constance McDermott, YPFPC Program Director and Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Also at a side event to the General Assembly, our new Program Director, Dr. Connie McDermott gave an invited talk on “Making FSC work in the tropics: an overview of key challenges”. This side event, which was sponsored by the German development agency GTZ, consisted of Connie’s opening presentation followed by a panel discussion on why forest certification has made less progress in tropical regions than initially anticipated.(text adapted from article by Kerry Dooley)

Download Connie McDermott's Powerpoint Presentation Photos: (1) Program Director Connie McDermott and Amazon rainforest guide blowing liquid to treat wasp sting; (2) FES and China Reps General assembly lunch December 7, 2005; (3) Student Assistant Marisa Camargo attending the Yale FES booth.


Fostering Forest Certification Processes in Russia and North America. An Exchange Project. Spring 2005 & Fall 2004

  A joint effort between the Yale Program on Forest Policy and Governance and the Center for Independent Social Research in St. Petersburg, Russia, this project involved two trips between Russian and North American forest policy specialists. The first trip in October 2004 brought five Russian professionals with strong interest in certification programs, markets campaigns, and sustainable forestry to the United States for a tour of key sites, starting at Yale and moving on to New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and other stops on the west coast. A return delegation of seven North American environmental professionals traveled to Northwest Russia in May 2005, where they visited certified forests, met with local certification and environmental groups, and participated in a regional conference on sustainable forestry. The project was made possible by funding from the Trust for Mutual Understanding. For additional pictures and trip information, click here.
2005 Lunchtime Talks

Ukrainian Forests at a Crossroads: Challenges in forest policy, sustainable forest management & forest certification in a transitioning economy, a Roundtable discussion. March 2005 at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Community Forestry in Nepal: Social, Economic, and Ecological Challenges, a Lunchtime Talk by Udaya Sharma, Chairman of Nepal's Resource Development Initiative Center. March 2005 at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Download Powerpoint presentation

Forest Certification and the Rainforest Alliance SmartWood Program. Richard Donovan, Chief of Forestry for the Rainforest Alliance and SmartWood Director, presented on the history and current experiences of this organization in implementing forest certification around the globe. (September 22, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies).


The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility. Presentation by David J. Vogel, Solomon Lee Professor of Business Ethics, Haas School of Business, Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley. (October 27, Yale School of Management).

Responsible Mining and the No Dirty Gold Campaign. Panel discussion involving Matthew Runci, President and CEO of Jewelers of America; Stephen D’Esposito, Executive Director of Earthworks, Inc., and Payal Sampat, coordinator of the No Dirty Gold campaign for Earthworks, Inc. (November 17, Yale School of Management).


Forest Certification in Developing and Transitioning Societies:
Social, Economic, and Ecological Effects
An International Symposium at Yale University, June 10-11, 2004


The Yale Program on Forest Certification brought to Yale over 100 experts from 36 countries to discuss results from 16 country-level case studies from four regions (Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa), followed by an analysis by two commentators and an open discussion. One of the most significant events in forest certification in 2004, the symposium was followed by a closed workshop that brought case study researchers, editors, and commentators together to revise the case studies and incorporate comments received throughout the Symposium. A book presenting the case studies as well as regional and overarching themes will be published by Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Press within a few months.

Visit the Symposium Website

  SmartWood/Rainforest Alliance Assessor Training
Great Mountain Forest, Connecticut. April 2004 and 2003

A three-day field trip to train Yale graduate students and community professionals as assessors in the methodologies of forest certification (part of F&ES 521b, Seminar on Forest Certification). The assessor-training workshop is a standardized training module offered by SmartWood, one of the two organizations accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to carry out FSC certification assessments in the United States. SmartWood’s course prepares professionals to conduct certification assessments through a series of course and field exercises. SmartWood has modified its standard training to allow our students to become trained assessors over an intensive three-day period. Topical coverage includes orientation to the FSC certification program and skills needed to interpret FSC standards, gauge field performance on forest management operations, and interview community stakeholders. The workshop concludes with a mock assessment.

Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Forestry: Lessons and Experiences from British Columbia's Rainforest.
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, April 23, 2004

Expert panel discussing innovative strategies to address forestry policy and indigenous peoples in British Columbia. The panel will focus on forest management issues, markets campaigns in the Clayoquot Sound region of British Columbia, and new partnerships used in Canada to reach improved ecosystem management, local participation, and equity in forest policy. Time: Noon - 1:30 (open to public); 1:30-2:30 (closed class discussion) Made possible by funding from the Canadian Embassy

Is private ownership an institution enhancing sustainable forestry - or does it leave the forests to 'the wolves'? April 8, 2004. Presentation by Tage Klingberg, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Department of Business and Economics, University of Gävle, Sweden; Former Chairman of the Swedish Federation of Forest Owners (1993-1999). Location: Marsh Rotunda, 360 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT. Open to the public

Presentation by John Heissenbuttel, Vice President for Forestry and Wood Products, American Forest & Paper Association. April 15, 2004. Location: 230 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT. Open to the public.

Forest Certification in Developing Countries. April 22, 2004. Presentation by Scott Poynton Executive Director, Tropical Forest Trust and Rebecca Butterfield, Director of TREES Program, Rainforest Alliance. YFF Luncheon 12-1 PM and Seminar course 4-7 PM. Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.