YPFPG Final Report to USGBC

Final Report: Assessing USGBC's Policy Options for Forest Certifcation and the Use of Wood and other Bio-based Materials

Appendix A: YPFPG Comparative Matrix

Appendix B: Draft Performance Benchmarks

Appendix C: Summary of Comments*

Appendix D: Summary of Responses

Appendix E: Report on the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of wood and other bio-based materials.

*Please note that the comments included in Appendix C are those for which we had express permission from the commenter to make public. All names of individuals have been removed to respect privacy. We received comments from over 50 individuals and organizations. If you submitted comments and would like yours included in the Appendix, please contact Constance McDermott (email below).

Questions and comments may be directed to constance.mcdermott@yale.edu and/or benjamin.cashore@yale.edu