Portland (Oregon) Metropolitan Area Pilot Roundtable

Location: Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon

Date of roundtable: 19 July 1995

Sponsoring Organization:

Public Administration Program
Graduate School of Professional Studies
Lewis and Clark College
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, Oregon 97219

Director: Douglas Morgan Associate Dean: Jay Casbon

Convener and Contact: Craig W. Shinn, Assistant Professor
Phone: 503-768-7751 Fax: 503-768-7736

Roundtable Organizing Committee members:

Frank Gladdice, Vice President, Independent Forest Products Association
John Henshaw, US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
Rick Brown, National Wildlife Federation
Chris West, Northwest Forestry Association
Peter Paquet, Northwest Power Planning Council

Vision for America's forests in a generation or two:

Principles we believe should guide us toward achieving this vision are:

  1. Informed public that involves all constituencies in the decision making process.
  2. A base of good science and research.
  3. Resource policy should be based on collaborative efforts and partnerships.
  4. Recognize our national policy or policies have local, regional, and global implications.
  5. Balance incentives and regulations with an eye to the interests and needs of future generations.
  6. Maintain a management approach that is adaptive to changing circumstances.
  7. Integrate economic, social, biological and political knowledge in developing forest management and policy.
  8. Remove institutional barriers and foster innovative institutional processes.
  9. Manage forests and develop policies with the goal of economic, biological, political and social sustainability.
  10. Forest policy should strive to integrate as many values as possible on each land area.
  11. Promote opportunities for educating the public about forests, forestry and forest policy.

For further information concerning the Portland (Oregon) Metropolitan Area Roundtable please contact:
Craig Shinn
Department of Public Administration
Lewis & Clark College
615 S.W. Palentine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97208
Phone: 218-525-5654

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