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Coos Bay area

The Coos Chapter of the Society of American Foresters has decided to sponsor a Forest Congress-based dialogue in southwestern Oregon. A steering committee is being formed, and will probably meet in January 1998 to plan the local roundtable.

To learn more or get involved in this dialogue, please contact Jim Nielsen at

La Grande

At a June 5, 1996 meeting, the reconvened La Grande Roundtable proposed to refine the principles from its October 1995 meeting to incorporate the outcome of the Inter-Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Plan (ICBEMP), a 75-million acre adaptive management project now being conducted by the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. The group also suggested that roundtable participants conduct a series of field trips as a means of reaching agreement on which components of the ICBEMP to support. If resolution can be achieved, the roundtable will be in a better position to endorse a specific management plan for the area. The group also proposed to facilitate a series of public meetings to enhance understanding and feedback of ICBEMP alternatives.

More recently, the group adopted the name "Seventh Generation Task Group", and decided to focus on education and communication as its special tasks. Discussion at a meeting held in December 1996 centered on the nature of motivation by incentives vs. penalties. A problem with prescribed standards is that it seems to be human nature to do the legal minimum required; one member of the group stated that environmental legislation might be more effective if intent is explicitly stated, followed by details on what that means, rather than only listing the "must do" and "thou shalt nots". Two other observations reported from this meeting were that legislation and litigation lead to lose-lose situations while communication, coordination, and cooperation lead to win-win situations, and that a dilemma of ecosystem management is that "we know how to do things better than the letter of the law prescribes, as well as better than we can afford to do."

Contact: Lynn Starr, Blue Mountains Natural Resources Institute, 1401 Gekeler Lane, La Grande, OR 97850, Phone: 541-962-6548.

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