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The following documents are available by postal mail from the Forest Congress Information Center for the charges noted. Some of documents are available on this internet site, in particular the vision and principles from the local roundtable sites. In addition, a Summary Report details the agreement level achieved on a vision for America's forests at the February 1996 Seventh American Forest Congress meeting held in Washington DC. A free, four page summary of the results of the February 96 Forest Congress meeting can be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelop to the Forest Congress Information Center at the address below.

Synthesized Vision, Principles and Next Steps: Seventh American Forest Congress Roundtable Meetings, Collaborative Meetings and Individual Responses ...($16.00)
(Paul V. Ellefson and Donald G. MacKay, March 1996)
This document contains the raw data generated by the pre-Congress local roundtables, collaborative meetings, and individual responses, and describes the process used to synthesize this data into the draft vision and principles used by participants at the Seventh American Forest Congress. (approx. 340 pages, card stock cover)
Pre-Congress Submissions: Roundtables, Collaborative Meetings, and Individual Contributions ...($5.50)
This document contains the visions and principles from all local roundtables, and from most collaborative meetings. It also contains selected visions and principles from individual contributions to the Forest Congress process. (approx. 175 pages, card stock cover)
Vision and Principles: A Working Draft for Use by Participants at the Seventh American Forest Congress ...($1.00)
This document contains the draft vision and principles developed by reviewing the reports of the roundtables, collaborative meetings, and individual contributions to identify common thoughts, creative approaches to existing conflicts, and major interests involved in issue dialogues. This draft was used by participants at the Forest Congress in Washington, DC, to help with their development of the final vision, principles, and next steps. This report also contains lists of the members of the Board of Directors, the members of the Senior Sponsors Board, and Sponsoring and Collaborating Organizations. (approx. 15 pages, card stock cover)

Seventh American Forest Congress Program...($0.50)
This document contains a description of the Forest Congress process, a day-by-day agenda, and lists of speakers, committee members, and board members. (6 pages)
Concurrent Dialogue Sessions and References ...($3.50)
This document contains the following reports:
  1. Historical Background of the Seventh American Forest Congress
  2. The Evolving American Forest, 1975-1995
  3. Seventh American Forest Congress Committee Reports: Communities Committee, Management Committee, Policy Committee, Research Committee, Education Committee
  4. Concurrent Dialogue Session Abstracts (Concurrent Dialogue Sessions were held at the Congress to help gather information and understand the issues.)
  5. Listening Session Reports (Listening sessions were held in Europe and New Zealand to introduce leaders from other countries to the Forest Congress, to understand how American forest policy affects other nations, and to identify lessons we might learn from other nations' experiences.) (approx. 75 pages)
Full Participant Packet ...($12.00)
Participants at the Forest Congress in Washington, D.C. received a portfolio containing the Seventh American Forest Congress Program, Pre-Congress Submissions, the Vision and Principles Working Draft, and Concurrent Dialogue Sessions and References.
Regional Forest Research Reports ...($2.50/each)
Each regional report describes its boundary, forest types, ownership characteristics, timber and non-timber resources, and recommendations for the research that is needed to meet the public's expectations while maintaining sustainability into the twenty-first century. Regions include: Lake States (MI, WI, MN); Northeast (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, WV); Northern Pacific Coastal (northern CA, western OR and WA, AK); Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands; Southern (VA, KY, TN, NC, SC, FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, AR, OK, TX); Southwest (CA, NV, AZ, NM). (range from 15-30 pages, card stock cover)
Research Needed by the Regions of the United States to Sustain the Nation's Forests into the Twenty-First Century ...($3.50)
This document contains the compiled research recommendations from the regional committees. (approx. 75 pages, card stock cover)
Final Report of the Seventh American Forest Congress ...($6.50)
This document contains information on the agreement reached on visions and principles, a narrative description of the process used to achieve these results, illustrative next steps, examples of other participant work, a list of participants, and lists of local roundtables, collaborative meetings, and board members. (64 pages, card stock cover)

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