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Led by Vice President Shauna Ryan King, Yale's division of Finance & Business Operations provides a wide range of services for staff, faculty, students and alumni to support the University's mission. Specifically, the departments listed below manage all fiscal and operational services for student dining, housing and financial services, information technology, and financial activities including investments and budgeting.

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Doug Bebbington
Director of University Auditing

The Yale University Audit Department functions as an independent resource for monitoring internal controls within Yale serving the Yale Corporation Audit Committee, the Yale University Audit Committee, and the Officers of Yale University. The department's primary role is to provide audit, oversight, and advisory services.

The University Audit Department is responsible for conducting internal audits and evaluations of Yale's system of internal controls. The audits will include assessments of the reliability of departmental financial information, compliance with University policies and procedures, compliance with laws and regulations, safeguarding of assets and the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. In addition, University Audit may provide consulting services within the University concerning issues related to internal controls, special investigations, and other areas of interest and concern.

Business Operations

Julie Grant
Assistant Vice President for Business Operations

Business Operations was created in April 2007 with responsibility for the delivery of financial and administrative services at the school and department level at Yale University.

Business Operations is responsible for ensuring Business Managers (lead department administrators) and Finance & Business Operations staff work together as a team, i.e., full partners in providing faculty, students, and staff with high quality support. In addition Business Operations is responsible for building a community of business management professionals at Yale through improved training, communication, and career development opportunities.

Business Managers at Yale have a reporting line – in addition to the reporting line to their respective Deans, Directors, and Chairs – to the Associate Vice President for Business Operations. Business Operations serves as the functional supervisor of Business Managers within departments, schools, and units


Steve Murphy
Associate Vice President for Finance & University Controller

The Division of Finance is responsible for developing and linking the strategy of the University and its major units to its long range and annual operating and capital budgets, managing accounting practices and accounting systems to ensure the accuracy of reported results, and providing meaningful financial information, analysis, and advice to decision makers.

The Division of Finance is responsible for directing the complete cycle of financial management activities of the University, including:

  • leading the strategic 10-year financial modeling and annual target-setting processes;
  • designing and managing the process for the translation of strategic targets into comprehensive, well-vetted annual operating and capital budgets;
  • defining accounting policies and procedures to guide the preparation of the University's internal and external financial statements in accordance with GAAP in an environment of strong internal controls;
  • leading the creation and overseeing the implementation of a rigorous financial management capability to ensure the delivery of annual budget results and strengthen cash flow predictability;
  • overseeing the annual external audit of Yale’s financial results and all required filings; and
  • building a set of analytical resources, meaningful reporting and methodologies to enhance decision-making support at the University.

The office of the University Controller has responsibility for managing the overall accounting, payroll and treasury services operations of the University. This includes managing internal controls to mitigate risk; ensuring that the official accounting records of the University are up-to-date and accurate; safeguarding the assets of the University to minimize risk of financial loss; and developing and maintaining robust costing systems and reporting tools to provide high-quality financial information that supports the University’s strategic management initiatives.

The mission of this office is to maintain a sound and effective internal control environment to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles as well as relevant federal and state regulations. The office reports to the Vice President for Finance and Business Operations.

Information Technology Services

Leonard Peters
University Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides computing and communications infrastructure, services, support, and innovation for Yale's instructional, research, public service, and administrative programs. ITS provides one-on-one support for individuals across campus, and works with many departments and organizations to provide a wide range of services for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others.

To carry out its mission, ITS meets regularly with the ITS Advisory Committee.

ITS major units include Campus Technology Services, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Academic IT Solutions, Campus Community Technologies, Infrastructure Services, Information Security, Policy and Compliance, Medicine & University IT Partners, Business Systems, and the Office of the CIO. The University CIO reports jointyl to the Vice President for Finance and Business Operations and to the Provost.

For more information on services offered by ITS see our website at


Chris Mihok
Director, Strategic Procurement
203 432-9980

Yale University Procurement is responsible for Yale’s end-to-end buying and paying processes for goods and services for the University. To save users time and money, the Purchasing Services professional buying staff routinely negotiate contracts and carry out bidding activities. The availability of the best overall value to the Yale community for many commonly used goods and services is the result of these activities. To further save time and focus the community on Yale’s contracts, innovative electronic solutions that streamline transaction processing are also broadly available.

The Procurement department is comprised of dedicated staff in units that focus on key components of the overall buying and paying process. The major units include Accounts Payable Services, Purchasing Services and Electronic Commerce & Procurement Systems.

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Research Administration

Andrew B. Rudczynski
Associate Vice President, Office of Research Administration
203 432-8630

The Office of Research Administration at Yale was created in July 2006 to provide more focused responsibility for the University's systems and processes regarding research administration, accounting, and improved compliance programs.

Student Financial & Administrative Services

Ernst D. Huff
Associate Vice President for Student Financial and Administrative Services
203 432-8159

The Student Financial and Administrative Services (SFAS) division is comprised of Associated Student Agencies; Dining Services; Registrar, Faculty of Arts and Sciences; the ID Card Center; Student Financial Services; Student Information Technology Services and the Yale Sustainable Food Project. All SFAS units are located at 246 Church Street.

Associated Student Agencies are student businesses run by Yale students for Yale students (though faculty and staff can also take advantage of the tremendous offerings available). Current businesses include Apparel, Cakes, Caps & Gowns, Care Cubes, Class Rings, Distribution, Laundry, Necessities, Refrigerators, and Transit.

Dining Services strives to meet the daily food service needs of the Yale Community. Services are provided in 12 residential college dining halls as well as Donaldson Commons (SOM), Kline Biology Tower, the Hall of Graduate Studies, Marigolds (Harkness Hall at the Yale School of Medicine), Yale Divinity School, Durfees Convenience Store, a convenience store at 155 Whitney Avenue, and the Designer’s Alcove at the School of Architecture. Catering Services are available at many locations across campus. Dining Services, in collaboration with the Yale Sustainable Food Project, seeks to provide customers with food that is seasonal and sustainable. Working with local suppliers and growers, this collaborative effort ensures ethical and ecologically sound buying practices which promote the vitality of the local agricultural community and protect the long-term health of the environment.

The Registrar’s Office provides services for students, faculty, deans and administrators in Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. It is responsible for maintaining biographical and demographic data, enrollment and course information, academic history, progress towards degree and registration status.

Student Financial Services consists of the Student Financial Services Center, the Cashiering Department, Student Accounts Collection, Student Loan Servicing and Collection, Undergraduate Financial Aid, and the Student Employment Office (SEO). The Student Financial Services Center provides comprehensive financial information to students and families. Counselors are available to answer questions regarding student accounts, undergraduate financial aid, and student loans.

Student Information Technology Services designs, develops, implements and maintains most campus-wide systems supporting student administrative functions including admissions processing, financial aid processing, academic records maintenance, course registration, classroom scheduling and dining services transactions.

The Yale Sustainable Food Project, in collaboration with Dining Services, oversees a sustainable and seasonal dining program. In addition, the Project manages a model college farm on campus and promotes education and academic inquiry related to food and agriculture.

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