Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
FES519B - Methods of Ecosystem Analysis 1998
A study of the
Mixed Deciduous Forest
on Totoket Mountain,
Crooked Brook Watershed,
North Branford, Connecticut
growing tree
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This class (1998 FES519b) studied the mixed deciduous forest ecosystem of Totoket Mountain in North Branford, Connecticut (see location map). We examined this forest in the winter and early spring of 1998 as part of our studies at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Our findings are presented in the web pages linked to the many buttons below. This work complements several studies undertaken in previous years and hopefully will provide a foundation for many students to come. We are indebted as a class to our "fearful leaders" Thomas Siccama and Daniel Vogt, and to the New Haven Water Company for allowing us to conduct our studies on their land.
Structure and Composition of the Mixed Deciduous Forest

Sassafrass Allometry
Relationships between tree diameter at breast height and above-ground weights of Sassafrass bole, branches, and crown

Water Analysis
Precipitation and stream water chemistry

Plant Chemistry
Ca, Mg, K, and P in bark, wood and branches of Sassafrass

Estimates of total amount of Magnesium in above-ground live tree biomass for 1993 and 1998

Tree Rings
Radial growth rates of sugar maple, white oak, and hickory

Additional Small Group Projects
on Totoket Mountain and Beyond

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