Shadbush (Juneberry, Serviceberry)
Amelanchier sp.

An understory shrub or tree, up to 30 ft. tall, that grows in clumps and lives 60 years. The flowers bloom at the same time that shad ascend coastal streams to spawn in the East.Berries are food to a number of birds and animals and are used in making jams, jellies, and pies.

BUDS: Twisted; slender and pinkish with dark tipped scales; solitary and elongated.

TWIGS: Rather slender, zigzag; pith more-or-less 5-angled, continuous, pale.

BARK: Tight and dark with distinctive vertical lines

HABITAT: Dry to moist thickets, borders of woods, clearings; often at the edge of wetlands or streambanks; Chiefly coastal plain Newfoundland to Mississippi, inland across New York; most common and widely distributed plant in New England.

REPRODUCTION: Flowers perfect, small, sometimes medium-sized drooping white/pink flowers, bloom April-May; seeds are bird-dispersed.

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