(Here is my best shot after very carefully
   study of the sign-up cards.)
You can see I already exceeded my limits.
We usually loose a few people.

1. I sorted by day of choice
2. I sorted by seniors
3. I cross checked seniors with e-mail "pre-registration

Some non seniors can do this next year. A few people this year are people who did not make it last year- I think it is fair that they get in on the second try.

We will meet next week behind Sage Hall for a 1 PM departure.
Dress warm including appropriate footwear - snow and wet ground.!! Bring a bag - like the plastic bags you often get in stores when buying books or the like. Also masking tape and something suitable for making notes in the field.

        I did my best to spell names right, but there were a few I couldn't figure out.

  1. Andrew Goldberg
  2. Livia DeMarchis
  3. Maeve Herbert
  4. Kate Kekontis
  5. Bobby Gravitz
  6. Brandon Lotti
  7. Rena Sasaki
  8. Lucas Dreier
  9. Zachary Newcomb
10. Amanda Eckerson
11. Megan Pugh
12. Kesang Sherpa
13. Emily Jeffers
14. Samantha Stone
15. Paige Atkinson
16. Carolina Oster
17. Jennifer Galiette
18. Charlie Liu
19. Cassie Kaufmann


  1. Justin Albstein
  2. Anya Raredon
  3. Jordan Rainone
  4. Perry So
  5. Jane Leibrock
  6. Brendon O'Sullivan
  7. Andia Winslow
  8. Susanna Chao
  9. Ryan Edmonds
10. Biz Turnell
11. Hillary Young
12. Annika Walters
13. Ethan Greenbaum
14. Janice Pour
15. Pete Dettmann
16. Adrian Meraz
17. Madeleine Meek
18. Fanny Singer
19. Amelia Simpson
20. Yali Lewis


  1. Leila Rastegar
  2. Cara Berkowitz
  3. Brittany Butler
  4. Lauren Beck
  5. Sarah Moros
  6. Rachel Serlen
  7. Cody Cargill
  8. Marina Spitkovskaya
  9. James Larsen
10. Anne Conway
11. Liz Wyman
12. John Babtie
13. Charlotte Dobbs
14. Anabel Gallegos