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Benjamin and Barbara Zucker Environmental Fellow, William K. Reilly, to Speak on October 4th!

The 2013 Zucker Environmental Fellow, William K. Reilly, will present his lecture, "Resiliency in a Warming World," on Friday, October 4th at 2:00 in LC 101. Mr. Reilly was the EPA Administrator under President George H.W. Bush, and is the Co-chairman of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling.

Environmental Studies Weekly Newsletters

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2013 Donnelley Prize Winners Announced at Yale's 312th Commencement

The Environmental Studies Program celebrated the graduation of 27 majors at Yale's 312th commencement on May 20th, 2013. During commencement ceremonies four Gaylord Donnelley Prize winners were announced. The Gaylord Donnelley Prizes are awarded annually by the faculty to Environmental Studies students for senior essays that represent distinguised piece of interdisciplinary scholarship. The 2013 recipients were:

  • Anna Rose Gable (Pierson College), Practical Pedology: Soil, Sustainability and Agricultural Knowledge in the Georgia Piedmont
  • Victoria Montanez (Pierson College), Food Waste: The Value of Knowledge-Based Campaigns in Environmental Protection
  • Coleman Wheeler (Saybrook College), Big Coal in Small-Town Virginia: A Case Study of Environmental Justice and Racial Polarization in the Rural South
  • Lucia Woo (Calhoun College), The Air Our Children Breathe: PM 2.5 Pollution Survey of New Haven

Congratulations to all!


DUS Office Hours for Reading Period Announced

EVST DUS Amity Doolittle will be available to meet with students on Tuesday 1/15,  Tuesday 1/22, and Thursday 1/24 from 1:00 to 4:00, as well as Friday 1/25 from 10:00 to 1:00.  These are open office hours, and no appointments are necessary.  Make sure to take advantage of these time windows to have your schedules signed, and to discuss your plans for the spring term and the summer ahead! (Post Date: January 2013)


EVST Launches Two New Field Courses in the Fall of 2012

Responding to a growing demand for learning opportunities outside the classroom, the Environmental Studies Program launched two new field courses during the Fall Term in 2012. The first, “Field Studies: Environment & Sustainability (EVST 234),” was led by Dr. Kealoha Freidenburg.  Dr. Freidenburg’s course focused on investigating the impacts of humans on the environment through weekly field trips to a diversity of locations including forested ecosystems, urban ecosystems, and agricultural ecosystems.  This course also spent a weekend at Yale-Myers forest in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut. 

The second field studies course launched was “Coastal Management in a Changing World (EVST 244)” led by Dr. Mary Beth Decker.  Decker’s course explored the effects of human activity on coastal marine ecosystems. Students in Dr. Decker's course traveled to a number of field sites over the course of the term including Horse Island off the coast of Connecticut. Students gained experience using basic study methods in marine systems, and grappled with the challenges associated with managing and conserving these complex environments. (Post Date: January 2013)


Donnelley Prize Winners for 2012

  • Holly Rippon-Butler: Moving Milk: Transportation and Commodification of Milk in New York State
  • Rachel Shaffer: Ozone Pollution and Health in Atlanta: The Implications of a Presidential Decision
  • Rachael Styer: Faith, Family and Farming: The Survival of Small and Mid-Sized Farms in Lancaster, PA Throughout the Twentieth Century
  • Michael Wysolmerski: The fight for a Neighborhood: Flood Control and Race on the Anacostia Tributaries

(Post Date: May 2012)




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