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John Wargo

John Wargo
Kroon 124

Amity Doolittle

Paul Sabin
Director of Undergraduate Studies
HGS 2677

Sara Smiley Smith
Program Manager
Kroon G04

Environmental Studies Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Gary W. Brudvig, Yale Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, gary.brudvig@yale.edu: green chemistry, biophysical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry
  • Daniel Kevles, Yale Departments of American Studies, History of Science, History of Medicine and History and Yale Law School, daniel.kevles@yale.edu: the history of modern science and technology, genetics, physics, science and technology in America, innovation and intellectual property in living organisms, science and national security, the US in the 1970s
  • Peter Perdue, Yale Department of History, peter.perdue@yale.edu: modern Chinese and Japanese social and economic history, history of frontiers, agricultural development and environmental history
  • David Post, Yale Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, david.post@yale.edu: community and ecosystem ecology, food-web structure in aquatic systems, environmental change, landscape linkages, eco-evolutionary dynamics
  • Paul Sabin, Yale Department of History, paul.sabin@yale.edu: environmental history, energy politics, natural resource development in the Western US
  • James E. Saiers, Yale Department of Chemical Engineering and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, james.saiers@yale.edu: hydrology, geochemistry, chemical engineering, circulation of water and the movementof waterborne chemicals in surface and subsurface environments
  • Ronald B. Smith, Yale Departments of Geology & Geophysics and Mechanical Engineering and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, ronald.smith@yale.edu: atmospheric dynamics and physics, regional climate, remote sensing
  • John Wargo, Yale Department of Political Science and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, john.wargo@yale.edu: environment and public health, children's exposure to pollutants
  • Harvey Weiss, Yale Departments of Near Eastern Languages and Anthropology, harvey.weiss@yale.edu: Mesopotamia, early agriculture, cities and empires, paleoclimatology and environmental change


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