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Gaylord Donnelley Prize

Beginning in 1999, the Environmental Studies Program has recognized its most outstanding seniors for their academic achievements with the Gaylord Donnelley Prize. The award is made by the faculty to the authors of distinguished pieces of interdisciplinary scholarship, and presented to seniors at commencement. It is funded by an endowment from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation and the Donnelley Family, in memory of Mr. Gaylord Donnelley, a conservationist dedicated to advances in research and education. The Donnelley Foundation also endows a post-doctoral fellowship.



Abigail Bok (Berkeley College),Organically Urban: Cultivating Alternative Landscapes of Living in Guangzhou, China

Natalia Garza (Calhoun College),The Untold Side of Uranium: Using a Statistical Analysis of the Continuous NHANES to Explore the Decline in Reproductive Health of the Navajo Population

Angela Lee (Davenport College), Dietary Transition of Korean-Americans

James Shirvell (Morse College), Evaluating the Genetic Structure of the Leptospirosis Transmitting Rat Population of Salvador, Brazil



Anna Rose Gable (Pierson College), Practical Pedology: Soil, Sustainability and Agricultural Knowledge in the Georgia Piedmont

Victoria Montanez (Pierson College), Food Waste: The Value of Knowledge-Based Campaigns in Environmental Protection

Coleman Wheeler (Saybrook College), Big Coal in Small-Town Virginia: A Case Study of Environmental Justice and Racial Polarization in the Rural South

Lucia Woo (Calhoun College), The Air Our Children Breathe: PM 2.5 Pollution Survey of New Haven



Holly Rippon-Butler, Moving Milk: Transportation and Commodification of Milk in New York State

Rachel Shaffer, Ozone Pollution and Health in Atlanta: The Implications of a Presidential Decision

Rachael Styer, Faith, Family and Farming: The Survival of Small and Mid-Sized Farms in Lancaster, PA Throughout the Twentieth Century

Michael Wysolmerski, The Fight for a Neighborhood: Flood Control and Race on the Anacostia Tributaries



Reuben Fischer-Baum, Private Gardens, Public Streets: The Evolution of Istanbul's Urban Forest from 1922 to 2007

Cornelia Twining, Changes in the Lakes: The Ecological History of Two Watersheds in South Central Connecticut

Charles Zhu, The Desire for Car Ownership in China



Kathy Hughes, Empirical Study of Habitat Complexity and Predator-Prey Interactions as it Informs Ecosystem Conservation



Kevin Currey, "We're Iñupiat, We're Hunters" Subsistence, Petroleum Development, and Cultural Identity in Nuiqsut, Alaska



Emily Jack-Scott, A Tale of Two Shore Towns: Avalon and Wildwood, New Jersey

Anna Johnson, Climate Change and Agriculture: Carbon Sequestration



Adineke Adeyeye, Sanitation in Batey Libertad: Latrine Use and Waste Disposal Practices

Christa Anderson, Livestock Predation Patterns and Incidents in Northern Tanzania



Jane Brandon Berkeley, The Athens Metro Project: Public Transportation in Urban Planning

Dawn Lippert, The Two Thousand Pound Question: An Analysis of Leatherback Sea Turtle Management on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Ariane Lotti, Monitoring the Connection Between Humans and the Land: The Use of Indicators on Three Farms in Italy

Leanna Südhof, A Very Selective Evaluation of Malaria Control Efforts in Africa South of the Sahara: The Global Fund and ITNs



Flora Lichtman, Crafting Sound Policy: The Origins, Evolution and Mis-regulation of Ocean Noise



Livia DeMarchis, Amphibian Conservation: The Public Perception, Policy, and Science of Declines and Deformities

Christopher McPhee, Climate and Cultural Collapse: The Anasazi Implications for Abrupt Human Change.



Brian Boyd, American Studies and Studies in the Environment, The Coyote in the Garden



Megan MacLeod, Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology and Studies in the Environment, Heat Shock Proteins: Cellular Superheroes in the Face of Environmental Pollution



Susan Brown, American Studies and Studies in the Environment, The Silent Leader: Rachel Carson's Role in the Emergence of the Modern Environmental Movement



Sarah Hollinshead, Political Science and Studies in the Environment, The Big Mess: Environmental Policy and Contamination at the Massachusetts Military Reservation

Joshua Olsen, Architecture and Studies in the Environment, Are Master-Planned Communities Worth It? An Analysis of Financial and Environmental Viability

Gaylord Donnelley

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