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2013 Summer Environmental Fellowship Awards

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  • Jonah Bader, Directed Studies '16, National Hydropower Association Policy and Communications Internship, Washington, DC

  • Victoria Balta, EVST '14, Attorney General's Office Internship, Albany, NY
  • Evan Beck, Political Science '14, Building Institutional Support for Climate Change Policy in the South Pacific, Port Vila, Vanuatu
  • Hans Bilger, Undecided '16, Biodiversity Conservation and Research in the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
  • Jackson Blum, EVST '15, Feasability of Small Scale Organic Farming Nationwide, New Haven, CT
  • Alice Buckley, EVST '15, A Dying Symbol of the West: Preventing Grizzly Bear Collapse in Yellowstone, Livingston, MT
  • Leah Campbell, G&G '15, Observational Seismology Field Assistantship, Lima Peru
  • Justine Cefalu, EVST '15, Agricultural Work Songs in the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
  • Alexander Co, Chemistry '15, Proving that "Chemical" Does Not Have to Be a Dirty Word: The 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge, Washington, DC
  • Rachel Ett, EVST '14, Yale Sustainable Food Project and New Haven Community Work, New Haven, CT
  • Emily Farr, G&G '14, Developing a Gas Exchange Coefficient for Ephemeral Ponds and Applying Findings to Agricultural Settings in the Northeast, Ashford, CT
  • Cole Florey, EVST '14, The Natural World: A Zen Buddhist Perspective, Hokkaido, Kyoto, and Nara, Japan
  • Adam Goff, EVST '15, Improving Farm and Food Educational Practices with the Yale Sustainable Food Project, New Haven, CT
  • Matthew Goldklang, G&G '16, Incorporation of Anthropogenic Aerosols in Glacial Dissolved Organic Matter, Yulong Glacier, China
  • Carlos Gould, EVST '15, Using GPS Tracking to Understand Fuelwood Spatiotemporal Collection Patterns, Honduras
  • Sam Hamer, History '14, DC Bag Law Reearch and DOJ Internship, Washington, DC
  • Emily Hong, EVST '14, National Character and Environmentalism in South Korea, Soeul, South Korea
  • Yumehiko Hoshijima, EVST '15, Environmental Policy Research at hte UMass Boston Center for Governance and Sustainability, Boston, MA
  • David Kellner, EEB '14, Primate Ecology Research Internship in Tambopata National Reserve, Peru, Puerto Maldonando, Peru
  • Charlie Kelly, EVST '14, Environmental Journalism Three Part Project: Alex Honnold, Peru Pipeline, and Writing Internship, Peru and California
  • Timothy Le, EVST '14, Agriculture and Food Security, New Haven, CT
  • Angela Lee, EVST '14, Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition, New Haven, CT
  • Gabriel Levine, Political Science '14, NRDC New York Urban Program, New York, NY
  • Breanna Lujan, EVST '14, People and Carnivores Internship, Livingston, MT
  • Isaiah Lyons Galante, Physics '14, Operations Intern with Zamsolar, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Rebecca Miller, History '14, Internships with Bridging Nations Foundation and National Environmental Education Foundation, Washington, DC
  • Nora Moraga-Lewy, Undecided '16, Internship with Conservation Research with Lampedusa Turtle Group, Lampedusa, Italy
  • Jason Parisi, Physics '15, Non-Linear Wave Behavior in Tokamak Nuclear Fusion Reactors, Princeton, NJ
  • John Park, EEB '14, Daphnia Evolution and Lake Health in Connecticut, New Haven, CT
  • Shizue RocheAdachi, EVST '15, Cowboys and Stewardship: A Study of Sustainable Management Practices on James Ranch, Durango, CO
  • Jacob Sandry, EVST '15, Mosaic Solar Internship, Northern CA
  • Hannah Sassoon, EVST '15, Agricultural Perspectives on Tradition, Policy and the Environment, Laure-Minervois, France
  • Diana Saverin, English '14, Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying: A Look into the Cult Follwoing of Christopher McCandless, Fairbanks, AK
  • Ariana Shapiro, Undecided '16, Summer of Solutions Project, Ithaca, NY
  • James Shirvell, EVST '14, Genetic Mackeup of Leptospirosis Transmitting Rat Population, Salvador, Brazil
  • Josephine Smit, EEB '14, Evaluation of the Katavi-Mahale and Katavi-Ugalla Wildlife Corridors, Western Tanzania
  • Evi Steyer, Global Affairs '15, In the Arctic Half-Light of the Canyon: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Grizzly Bear Cosnervation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Livingston, MT
  • Rae Taylor Burns, Environmental Engineering '15, Internship with the Sitka Conservation Society on Baranoff Island, Sitka, AK
  • Caroline Tracey, Russian '13.5, Volunteering on a Russian Organic Farm, Kaluga Province, Russia
  • Sydney Treuer, EVST '15, WWF Arctic Field Program and Komandorsky Zapovednik Research, Komandorsky Zapovednik, Russia
  • James Underwood, EVST '14, Tracking the Emergence of Tick-Borne Diseases in New England, New England, USA
  • Dennis Wang, MBB '14, Study of hte Effects of Environmental Pollution on Human Health in the China Nickel Workers Cohort, Jinchuan, Gansu Province, China
  • Sadie Weinberger, EVST '14, Appalachian Trail Independeng Hiking Motivation Research, East Coast, USA
  • Aily Zhang, Undecided '15, Ecological Civilization: Sustainable Agriculture, Secure Food Pathways, and Urbanization in Post-Socialist China, Hong Kong
  • Sylvia Zhang, Economics '15, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Internship, Arlington, VA


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