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About the Environmental Studies Major

Yale's Environmental Studies Major offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and responding to environmental problems. From the natural sciences, students learn experimental techniques and methods of analysis needed to make accurate observations, to document change, and to understand the dynamics of healthy landscapes and functioning ecosystems. From the humanities and social sciences, students gain insights into human behavior and the workings of our social, political, and economic institutions. The Environmental Studies Major prepares students for graduate study in a range of disciplines including law, medicine, and public health, and for careers in business, environmental management and conservation, teaching, and writing.

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Mission Statement

The Environmental Studies Major uses perspectives from multiple disciplines to train leaders capable of solving difficult and pervasive problems in society. We promote rigorous study and analysis of human societies and the surrounding environment both built and natural. Our students are equipped to meet the environmental challenges of tomorrow with the experiences and knowledge they develop in our program.

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