Breaks or changes in work tasks, coupled with various exercises and stretching, can provide you with the time needed for stressed muscles and tendons to recover to their "normal" state, and also help fight injuries that accumulate after intensive, long-term keyboarding work. As for any exercise, remember that if you have any pre-existing condition that you believe could be negatively impacted by these stretches, consult your physician before beginning them.

Keys to a Good Stretch

Achieve the maximum benefit from these stretches by:
  • Holding the stretch for 20-30 seconds, since long sustained stretches produce more relaxation,
  • Breathing slowly and rhythmically during the stretch,
  • Keeping the stretch within comfortable limits to avoid bouncing or jerking, which can injure rather than help muscle tissues.

    Shoulder Shrugs

    Antler Stretch

    Finger Stretch