Custodial Services

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Mopping and Sweeping Floors:[click here for image]

  • When mopping and sweeping floors workers should move their feet from side to side, This will help avoid extreme reaches to left or right and reduce upper body strain,
  • When mopping or sweeping for long periods of time workers should alternate the use of right arm and left arm to avoid fatigue, Frequent mini breaks can also help reduce fatigue,
  • Bending your knees and keep you’re back straight while using the mop ringer, This will help keep your spine in the neutral position,
  • Avoid lifting heavy mop buckets full of water and pouring them into the sink, Use a hose to drain water or use a floor drain in a custodial closet.

Vacuuming: [Click here for image]

  • When vacuuming for long periods of time workers should alternate the use of the right and left arm to avoid fatigue,
  • Vibrations of vacuums can also be an issue, Anti vibration gloves or a padded handle will help cut down on vibration,
  • Standing upright while vacuuming will keep your spine in a neutral posture and will help avoid lower back pain,
  • Carry vacuum by the handle or at the center to balance the weight.

Cleaning Restrooms and other surfaces

  • Try to bend at the knees not at the waist, This will decrease the stress on your back,
  • Make sure that the handles of the tools that you will need are long enough the reach most areas, This will help reduce the stress on your back and knees,
  • When cleaning restrooms and other surfaces workers should alternate the use of the right and left hands to avoid fatigue,
  • If you need to be on your knees for any length of time knee pads or a knee rest should be used.

Moving Carts with Cleaning Supplies:

  • Carts should be used whenever feasible, or carry only small quantities and weights of supplies,
  • Keep most used items closest to you, This will help avoid long reaches and subsequent strain on the muscular skeletal system,
  • Carts should be pushed not pulled,
  • Use well maintained carts with large, low rolling, low resistance wheels for easier maneuvering, This will help decrease the force needed to move the cart,
  • Handles on carts should be at waist height and positioned to allow for neutral postures, Some carts have adjustable handles and may be appropriate when carts are shared between workers.

Trash Removal: [Click here for image]

  • When removing trash staff should try and keep straight back and bend at the knees, not at the waist while removing bag,
  • Making more frequent trips with less weight can help lessen the load on your muscular skeletal system,
  • Alternating the hand you use to remove the trash can also help prevent fatigue in one arm,
  • If trash bag is too heavy get help from another employee or use a mechanical aid such as a dolly or cart.
Try to keep the load in the “safe lifting zone,” The safe lifting zone is above your knees and below your shoulders.