Prepatellar Bursitis (Carpet Layers Knees)

What is Carpet Layers Knees?

Prepatellar bursitis, or kneecap bursitis, affects the bursa that lies in front of your kneecap (patella), between the patella and your skin. Kneecap bursitis, one of the most common forms of the disorder, may be referred to as carpet layer's knee because it affects people who frequently work on their hands and knees. Treatment for knee bursitis often includes a combination of self-care practices and doctor-administered treatments to alleviate pain and inflammation.

What are the Symptoms?

In most cases, knee bursitis begins gradually, and it may worsen over time if left untreated. If you have knee bursitis, the affected portion of your knee may:
  • Feel warm to your touch,
  • Appear swollen or feel squishy to your touch,
  • Be painful or tender when you move or put pressure on your knee.

How Can I Prevent It?

You can take a number of steps to avoid knee bursitis or prevent its recurrence:
  • Wear kneepads when you're working on your knees or participating in sports that put your knees at risk,
  • Rest your knees and stretch your legs as much as possible if you work on your knees for extended periods,
  • Stretch your legs before and after a workout.
  • Vary your exercise routine to give your knees a rest,
  • Elevate and ice your knees for about 20 minutes after a workout or after working on your knees for a long time,