The neck and shoulders provide essential support to the head and serve as points of physical attachment for our arms. Poor posture, awkward workstation arrangements, and non-adjustable seats can all contribute to a sore neck and shoulders. Although most problems with these parts of our anatomy are associated with muscles, long-term exposures without corrective actions can also affect tendons and skeletal components. Avoid neck and shoulder problems by adopting the following work recommendations:
  • Place monitor in direct straight line with keyboard and chair to avoid twisting and bending when working,
  • Set monitor height even with, or slightly lower, than your plane of vision,
  • Use a copy stand or other means to prop written work materials up and as close and even with the monitor screen as possible,
  • Arrange telephones, frequently used reference materials, and other important workstation supplies within a comfortable reaching distance,
  • If you use a computer “mouse”, keep it on your keyboard tray or as close to the tray as possible to avoid reaching or stretching for it,
  • Whenever working at the computer for long periods, take breaks to change your posture and body position.

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