Although our legs and feet are not usually the active elements of computer work, the very nature of sitting (or even standing motionless) for extended periods of time can affect these parts of our anatomy.

You can easily avoid leg or foot problems at your computer workstation by adopting the following recommendations:

  • When sitting, plant your feet – or at least the balls of your feet - firmly onto the floor to help counter-balance the forces on your back,
  • If placing your feet directly on the floor means you must sit too low to comfortably type or see the monitor screen, then get a foot stool or rest to “raise up” the floor to your feet,
  • Avoid chairs that have a sharp edge along the front leading edge of the seat proper. Over time, these edges can compress muscles, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels and cause numbness or even pain in the legs or feet,
  • Take periodic breaks and get up out of your chair to exercise inactive muscles and increase blood circulation to your legs and feet.


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