Ngai Yin Yip

Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University
M.S. and M.Phil. Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University, 2011
B. Eng (First Class Honors) Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), 2004


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Ngai Yin is a PhD student advised by Professor Menachem Elimelech in the Environmental Engineering Program at Yale University. His research interests are in the general area of membrane technology for sustainable water supply and energy production. His research focuses on high performance polymeric membranes for osmotically-driven membrane processes (ODMPs).

Forward osmosis (FO), a subset of ODMPs, has demonstrated the potential for application in sea and brackish water desalination, wastewater reclamation and industrial wastewater treatment. FO exploits the natural phenomenon of osmosis, which occurs when two solutions of different concentration are placed on opposite sides of a semi-permeable membrane. The osmotic pressure difference drives the permeation of water across the membrane from the dilute solution to the concentrated solution, while the selective property of the membrane retains the solutes in their respective sides.

The ammonia-carbon dioxide FO desalination system, developed here at Yale, enables low-grade geothermal or waste heat from industrial facilities to be utilized as an energy source to drive the separation process. The potential advantage of the technology lies in the production of fresh drinking water with relatively lesser electricity consumption and, hence, at a lower cost.

Pressure retarded osmosis (PRO), the other subset of ODMPs, holds the promise to produce renewable energy from natural and anthropogenic salinity gradients. PRO exploits the same osmotic pressure difference that develops when a semi-permeable membrane separates two solutions of different concentrations, except that a hydraulic pressure is applied on the more concentrated draw solution. As water permeates across the membrane into the pressurized draw solution, a hydroturbine extracts work from the expanding draw solution volume.

Natural salinity gradients, for example those arising from the mixing of freshwater rivers flowing into oceans, have the potential to produce electricity for over half a billion people. Additionally, PRO can use anthropogenic waste streams, such as concentrated brine from a desalination plant, as draw solutions. As such, PRO power generation has the potential to be an alternative source of sustainable energy, and contribute to the alleviation of the energy crisis facing us today.

Prior to his PhD studies, Yip (a name he habitually goes by) completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, with his research thesis focusing on nanofiltration processes. After graduation he worked for the Singapore government in the National Environment Agency, formulating and implementing policies for the country.

An avid outdoor and sports person, he recently scaled the Dolomites of the Eastern Alps in Italy and the Argentinian Andes. Next, he is planning to SCUBA dive among the pelagic fishes in the seas of Belize.


pdfs and supporting information available on the main publications page.
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